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Friday, June 29, 2012

A question of holes...

Since I talk about punching a lot of things (pages, pouches, cards, cardboard... etc.) people ask me what I use. 

If I need to make holes in a few pages or something thin I use a standard one hole puncher.  But that's not a great solution for punching holes in a stack of paper.  I considered buying a Filofax hole punch but everything I read said don't buy a plastic one and the metal one runs seventy dollars. No, just no.

I knew I needed something else, I just didn't know what...

japanese book punch

Until I came across this gizmo.  It's a tool bookbinders use and good ones will go through a stack of paper, cardboard, fabric and even leather.   It sounded like a dream to me...   

I surfed around to see what was up with them and they go by a few names; Japanese book punch, Japanese screw punch, bookbinder's punch, drill punch.  There are two parts, the punch itself and the bits.  Filofax holes are a bit smaller then the ones my single punch makes but seem to be the same size as the 4mm bit.  Every place I read about them said to buy one with Made in Japan on it.

They aren't cheap, hovering in the same vicinity as the Filofax metal punch; some a bit more ($90) some a bit less (as low as $50) so it's definitely an investment.  Since I couldn't spend that kind of money I found one on eBay for about twenty bucks and crossed my fingers.  

book punch 1
They are very easy to use, you just place the bit where you want a hole.
book punch3
And push.

Since I didn't by an 'authentic' Made in Japan punch it doesn't move that smoothly or punch as well.  

screw punch
Even so, it punched this many pages at once.
japanese book punch4

And left this many partially punched, which impressed me to no end.

I just ordered a single (authentic) 4mm bit.  I hope it improves the situation but most of all, I hope it fits in my knock-off.

I think this is a great solution for re-punching multiple pages as well as making holes in random things that aren't easily punched.   I wouldn't suggest you buy a cheap one, after doing that I realize I was short-sighted and I'm already ordering replacement drill bits.  

The cost of an authentic Japanese book punch normally includes a whole set of bits (which go for about $10 each ) so like I said, if I had it to do over again - I'd save up my money and buy a 'real' one.  

PS - Another great thing about the whole-hole-punching-drilling shebang is it's neat and tidy; it fits in my pencil case making this an effective means of punching without taking up any space.  Kinda love that part.


Romina 6/29/12, 9:47 AM  

Oooh, how cool is this! I use a regular one hole punch but this tool looks promising :)
Thanks for yet another great idea, Tracy!

Off to ebay we go...

HM 6/29/12, 2:29 PM  

Wow, great idea!! And I love your nail polish too :P

LJ 6/30/12, 1:36 AM  

Oooh!!! I like the look of those... another thing to add to the list to check out :o)

Liisa P. 6/30/12, 9:37 AM  

Hi Tracy,

If you ever feel the need to get a 6-hole punch for less than seventy dollars, here's something to consider. :) I bought one and love it! Good quality, easy to adjust, doesn't fit in pencil case, though. ;)

But that gizmo does look beautiful, though! :)

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