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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Son of but would I buy it again?

I heart Clairefontaine Paper and have already repurchased it several times.   The French ruled paper is 90 g. and smooth as silk; writing on it with any kind of pen has been NIRVANA!  There are papers better for pencil art, not to say this doesn't take pencil, it does.  But it's smooth surface isn't really toothy enough for the kind of shading you'd do for drawing.

I hacked apart the notebook and use it for my Filofax.  The sheets are a little wide (6.5 in. x 8.25 in.) so I  cut some off and there are no micro-perforations.  That I can't easily rip pages out is my biggest issue but it's not a deal breaker because the positive aspects of the paper are so strong.

I love the Soft Color Window Highlighters.  They aren't expensive ($1.65) and allow for highlighting that still lets you see what's underneath. Check them out and if you like them too...  My jetpens giveaway is still going on (here)

I'm lumping Gel pens together.  The one's I bought in the US (the Pilot G2) and the one's from Japan are equally good.   They all write like a dream on any paper but on a smooth paper it's like writing on cloud.   The 0.7 mm size and up are smoother then thinner points but it's relative and all write great.    Even though I already have many of these I keep buying, it's an addiction all it's own.

I love these, together they are the perfect on the go art kit. The black pen is more expensive at $33 (plus I got the converter) but it's beautifully made and fits my Filofax Pen loops.  The waterbrush pen is for water only and is much cheaper at $8.25 and can't wait to get the larger size .  

Because I can carry these things I get to practice brush pen art.  I never really got better at calligraphy but things are improving in the painting department.

Branded card holders vary for me and are kind of a toss up. Sometimes the vinyl is stiff and too small for maximum use.  Sometimes the vinyl is nice and soft but gets stiffer and more brittle with age.  I don't use them for cards, I put small catch-all things in them.  

These would be good for someone who has to carry cards,  but filled they take up a lot of ring space.  For me, putting cards in a small pouch I can throw in my purse works much better, so I won't buy any more.

This picture is the cover from a cheap drugstore spiral binder.  Taken apart you can make all kinds of things and I will continue looking for good buys on binders and spiral planners to salvage.

Closed these take up very little room.

 And open they are full sized.  I really like these, writing is like writing with a quality pencil and the design is so classy.  I will repurchase the refills and maybe the whole pencil as a gift.

I love my Midori Traveler's Notebook, it's straight up quality and at the moment it's my wallet. The leather is (what I wish Filofax leather was like) is what planner covers should be.  The price is in the mid-$50 range depending on where you buy and there are many options for personalizing. 

I want the smaller passport size but I'm hemming about it. Am I just having a planner feeding frenzy?  Will it work for me better then the full size?  I don't know but I can't help salivating over it and have put it in and taken it out of a shopping cart at least a dozen times.

Padrino belongs to Paradise Pens.  I got this pen many years ago and it was cheap, probably less then ten dollars and hated it.  I kept it around because it was pretty but recently I dragged it out again; I wanted a nib that would flex more then my Lamy.  

Before using I cleaned it really well with pen flush and my whole opinion changed.  It writes very smoothly now and the screw-in cap makes me more secure about carrying it.

While Padrino has a few expensive pens they strike me more as a gift/impulse because of their many varied, lovely designs and low(ish) price tag.  Definitely something that could attract the new fountain pen user because of the price and look.  I'm not sure if I would purchase another for me but I might for a gift.

I have more products I'd like to do still! There may be a Grandson of but would I buy it again!


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