The Crazy Suburban Mom: My Midori Traveler's Notebook takes a whirl as a wallet.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Midori Traveler's Notebook takes a whirl as a wallet.

Yesterday I tried to use my Filofax Pocket Windsor as a wallet. 

Monumental Filo Fail...

I gave it a shot, albeit a brief one, for two reasons; my wallet is huge ( a clutch, really...) and I wanted something agendaish as a place for Mr. Malden's overflow.  I fear for his rings...

I considered buying a pocket Chameleon or Cuban, both have space for bills and change.  I even drove to Paradise Pens  because they are the only place that carries them but the prices were higher then they are at Filofax which is refilodiculous. 

My next thought was to buy a Midori Traveler's Notebook in the passport size. I've wanted one ever since I got the regular size but now I had a reason to order...  But when I added up all I would need in the way of inserts I was close to a hundred dollars and did I really want to spend that?  


No, I don't.  I set mine up as a wallet.  It's still bigger then I want but if I order the small one and that doesn't work I've wasted a hundred bucks.  I'll give mine a whirl and if it's perfection except the size I'll consider getting the smaller one.  


I'll admit, I love my Midori and this gave me a reason to take it out and play with it.  I hung a new charm off the bookmark.

midori pockets are handy

Put some perfume samples I want to try in the pocket stickers.

midori with zip pocket as wallet

I could use a second zip pocket but I'm trying not to spend money.

travelers notebook as wallet

Everything from money to stamps to prescriptions to coupons is in that one stuffed to busting zip.


I filled my card holder , added a picture of Ben and then added the inserts.

travelers wallet

A grid notebook, stationary, and some deliciously crunchy bags.

midori travelers wallet as art journal

And my kraft paper insert for artwork.  I love this insert, I even put holes in it (here) so it could be carried in an A5 Filofax. This is the perfect notebook for  Kuretake Waterbrush Pen  fun.     I'm having my monthly jetpens giveaway (here) and if you're jonesing for that pen (or something else) check out the link.

travelers wallet

The back sticker holds stationary, a note, envelopes and mail supplies.

midori with rub on transfer

I've got a rub-on transfer on the back, now I'll be able to see how it holds up.

I don't know if this will work, it's for sure better then the Windsor. If it does I won't have to buy another planner although tweaking is the rule with planners rather then the exception.

And lot's of fun!


Josh 5/18/12, 1:14 AM  

We must be on the same brain wave this week, I just bought a mini Windsor filofax to use as a wallet. Currently, I use my cavendish as a very large wallet/organizer/planner/notebook, ecc. ecc., but what with upsizing to a big (A5 equivalent) I'm not sure that I'll want to carry it everywhere like I do with my personal sized binder, hence the mini Windsor. I'm hoping that it will carry most essential cards, cash, notes, essential information, a year calendar, and a small pen. Last time I tried carrying two filofaxes it was a big old filo fail. We'll see how it goes. Your midori looks like a great choice!

Tracy Reinhardt 5/18/12, 5:41 AM  

Can't wait to see the windsor, part of the problem with mine is it's ripping along seams so I don't want to stuff it.

Hope it works well for you!

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