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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mr. Malden à la Mode

Mr. Malden has turned into quite the chunker.  


Seriously, look at that beer belly. I didn't want to go to multiple Filofaxes but clearly Mr. Malden was a heart attack waiting to happen.  

 About week ago I got a leather A5-ish thing at the Visiting Nurse Association rummage sale.   The sale is in May and September and I'd stopped going because  if there's one more thing I don't need,  it's rummage.

I used to go all the time but stopped when I found myself donating things I bought from them six months before.   But... on the last day of the sale, when things are half-price or ten dollars a bag,  I figured I'd go for it.

My new leather friend is kind of beautiful.

Letisse leather

Swoonable... And half price (Three bucks)

Letisse logo

Letisse isn't around anymore; they designed and produced  leather handbags. The founder, Nicholas Braun, was hospitalized during the 1940's while at Harvard Law School.   He started making leather wallets to pass the time and seeing potential in the field, he started and built Letisse into one of the largest and most profitable U.S. leather handbag producers.

The company went through a lot of changes and eventually was sold off.  I guess this type of product was one of the 'diversifications'.  


My Letisse  is about the size of A5 Filofax pages.  Here it is having an intimate moment with his new friend, Mr. Malden.  'Scuse them while they make a Filofax Sundae à la mode.

You can see the paper is about the same size but the binder is smaller.  There are no rings, just slip pockets on either cover.

I decided to relieve Mr. Malden of a pound or two using my Letisse.  I sat Mr. Malden on the scale - Seriously he was like three pounds and couldn't close his rings without laying down.

Something(s) had to go or Mr. Malden was going to need a tummy-tuck.   I decided to lose the stuff I don't need to travel with or use every day; recipes, gift ideas, stationary, wish lists, craft projects...   I love those things but there was very little space for my to-do sheets and I must have room for them.


In the front slip pocket I slid in a Wreck This Journal book.  I've wanted one for ages.


It's tons of fun to wreck; coloring, doodling  and pasting all my recipes and things in there.


I'm color coding the pages so I know where the recipes are as opposed to gift ideas.  I can easily tell what's where and what's just doodleage.

For the other side I cannibalized  a large Moleskine for it's cover.


So I could use my french ruled paper.  If I wanted to use the Moleskine paper I could have just slid the whole thing in.  


I elastic-ed it all together (à la Midori Traveler's Notebook).

 My Midori inserts  fit fine (the zip pocket is a Midori insert), I just wanted the French-ruled paper.  

It worked out well all around.   Mr. Malden less of a chunker albeit he's still fat and happy and I get to play with my Wreck This Journal.

My Creation with "100 Cameras in 1"

Never underestimate play; it's makes you sparkle and as George Dorsey said,"Play is the beginning of knowledge."

So go take some colored pens and learn yourself something!


terriknits 5/13/12, 9:20 PM  

I'm gonna have to read this again - I'm sooooo tired and I'm confused. Moleskine, French paper, Malden, Midori. My head hurts!

Tracy Reinhardt 5/13/12, 9:22 PM  

I know Terri, there's a whole lot going on... lol

Nancy 5/14/12, 12:26 PM  

Very cool!

Josh 5/15/12, 7:59 PM  

They really need to make filofaxes with larger rings! Maybe 50mm would do?

Anonymous,  5/16/12, 2:16 PM  

I agree with Josh, 50mm rings would be awesome!!!

LJ 5/19/12, 12:49 AM  

Loving the Letisse - that colour is fabulous :o)

Neil 5/19/12, 3:57 PM  

The Letisse looks top quality. Very interesting post.

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