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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jonesing for Jetpens giveaway 2.0

Last months giveaway was so much fun it's time to do it again!  Comment with your fondest JetPens object(s) of desire and if it clicks for me I'll get it (them) for both of us.  

To get you started here's a couple o' few Jetpen-jewels I keep in my wish list (0r already bought).    These may not float your boat but go take a look, there are tons of boat-floating goodies on the website.

PS: For some reason Blogger is making coleslaw out of my links.  Hope they are all okay, been trying to post this for days.  Now I'm just going to post it and hope for the best.

For whatever reason there are endless pages I want to mark. Nichiban Scented Index Labels  can do that for me and make me feel like I'm giving myself a bouquet.   I'm a sucker for flowers...

This is a very cool highlighter, I own it.

This highlighter has a  transparent window on its tip that allows you to see where you're highlighting, after having four eye surgeries I love anything that helps me see better.  It has a broad and fine tip  ( 4.0 mm and 0.6 mm ). I love the soft color too.

Last month I got the Kuretake Waterbrush Pen in small, think I want the large one too.  They are perfect for on-the-go art.  And it's perfect paired with this...

The Maruman Mnemosyne - Word Book.  It's about 4 inches by 2 inches and the paper is great for tiny watercolor art.

I've wanted a Copic atyou Spica Micro Glass Glitter Marker Pen for a long time; the clear one.  It must be very popular because it's always sold out!

 Here is Jetpens discription: The Atyou Spica Glitter pens add non-toxic, long-lasting sparkle and texture to any craft project. The glitter is achieved through the use of micro glass flakes which are more reflective than other possible additives, such as glass beads. The pigment is transparent so it can be used over other inks. 

Totally want this.

And these too...

These gel pens look wet when even when dry.  As an aside, I think Aqualips would be a great Twitter name.

Another cute name: Sakura Gelly Roll Moonlight Gel Ink Pen.  Besides the cute name the Moonlight collection radiates fluorescent magic on all your craft and art projects. Ink shows up vibrantly on black and white paper. The fluorescent element even makes the ink glow under a black light source.  (Love)  

So, all you have to do is go visit Jetpens and tell me why we can't go another day without whatever it is and on May 29, 2012 I'll go over your suggestions and see what makes me clap and giggle more then watching this dog sleep.

Ventura deals with hot weather

I'll ship anywhere so no USA only restrictions.  I want everyone to be as happy as I am watching my dog sleep ridiculously.  

PS again - Jetpens is having a giveaway now for a $50 gift certificate... What are you waiting for? GO! NOW!


The Perpetual Student TPS 5/15/12, 4:05 PM  

Hi!! This is so much fun! Unfortunately I don't own anything from Jetpens, because I'm from the UK... :( We have no website as brilliant as this! But this would be one of my favourites if I could get my hands on it! It's called Ink Nix and is a fountain pen ink stains-on-fingers remover, which, as you know from being a FP user who plays with inks like me, is a common problem! Especially once when I spilled half a bottle of pink ink...
Anyway, I'm sure you'd love it, as I would too!! I think there are youtube videos that show you how to use it :)

Josh 5/15/12, 7:25 PM  

OOOOOH I found something! This is too cool. Kitty shaped paper clips!

Josh 5/15/12, 7:26 PM  

or maybe I like pigs better?

Lin 5/15/12, 8:34 PM  

You know, it's a shame that Ventura is so scarred by her past life that she can't just relax and let her guard down....

Hahahaha! What a goofball!!

Who knew there were all these pens and markers out there??? NOT me, that's for sure. Thanks for keeping me posted.

Rori 5/18/12, 8:31 AM  

PLEASE! I have a wish list that I add to all the time! ;o)
1. Staedtler Pigment Liners for Zentangling
2. Almost ANY Diamine ink
3. White Lamy Safari w/ a 1.1 nib'
4. Pilot Delful Double Knock Mech. Pencil
5. Sakua Aqualip Fine Tip 10 color set
....and on and on and on LOL
Thanks for the chance to win :D

Babes Mami 5/18/12, 7:47 PM  

Scented Index Labels!

And...Popcorn Puffy Paint Pens!

smartinez03 at live dot com

Josh 5/18/12, 10:01 PM  

Oh I found something else, I need a mini pen and this one looks purrrrrr-fect!

Anonymous,  5/22/12, 4:41 PM  

Oh, fun! I've been dying to try the Staedtler Triplus Fineline Marker set here:

Oh jeez, but some turtle clips would be amazing too!

Crap... I've also always wanted to try a Coletto multi pen but they are impossible to find in the states- how are we supposed to pick one item???

So glad I found your blog- I've loved your posts so far!!!

Lenore Webb 5/22/12, 5:17 PM  

Did you see all the PINK brush pens? Now there I could have fun. Doing all kinds of painting, doodling and just all around goofing off while spreading more PINK in the world. So just how do you draw Dancing with a PINK brush pen? I am sure I could figure out how. With a swirl and a swoosh ending up in a lil curl-i-cue. Just knowing that even when I am working I can still find time to Dance!

Lenore Webb 5/22/12, 5:17 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Azizah 5/23/12, 6:39 PM  

LOL!! I laughed hysterically at your dog sleeping. That is so funny!! For such a gorgeous and elegant animal, they sure class it up while napping LOL! Ok here's what I think is super cute from JetPens and I totally have a fancy for: the Tombow Ippo interlocking pencil caps. They stick on to the backs of your pencils and interlock so they can stay organized! I have a bunch of sketching pencils that get tossed around too easily and I totally want these to keep them together and organized! I hope you like them too :)

Thanks for the chance to win! I already follow you on Twitter and RSS just out of sheer interest :)

Steph 5/29/12, 12:23 AM  

On my jetpens wishlist would have to be:

1- Sakura souffle gel pens

2- Midori memorandum card

3- Yuzen die cut Japanese paper stickers.

So many great things at jetpens....

Amanda 5/29/12, 8:38 AM  

Oh my word, this is the worst kind of enabling!

I have so much stuff on my wish list...I try to be selective when I order or I end up in the checkout with a $300 order!

I picked a few off my wish list:

Owl bookmarks

Rabbit index stickers

I'm also loving this bag, but it's a bit more pricy (but oh so cute! for carrying around all the other goodies!)

I've also been wanting the coleto pen forever! I just keep agonizing over what refills to get. And now that you have shown me the way...they have scented index labels in GRAPEFRUIT! Amazing!!

Amanda 5/29/12, 8:38 AM  

Oooooh and thank you for an amazing giveaway!

lee 5/30/12, 5:30 PM  

i must have the glitter pen! i draw a lot of butterflies and dragonflies, so i must must must get it. i also heart the word books!

i also found my exacompta refills!

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