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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Jayne Mansfield lives in my Filofax

I bought a few vinyl pouches at the dollar store a while back.  I've been using them to hold small items in my purse.

This morning I looked at one and yelled, Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit! I think they're the same length as my A5 Filofax pages.  

My family didn't even respond to that, they are used to me yelling bizarre things about Filofaxes.

And yep, same length as A5 Inserts.

 Some of my pens aren't  loop-worthy, plus there are pens I don't have room for.  I need more then two at a time. So this morning I turned the one dollar adorable zip pouch into a Filofax insert.  

Usually I'd just punch away but I had to go through  two layers and my template was sliding around on the shiny vinyl something awful.

 I put the template over the pouch and made little dimples with a scissor (above).

  Punching this way was easy as Sunday morning.

It's in the  front of my Filofax holding a few Gel Pens and Jayne Mansfield.

Well, I call her Jayne Mansfield.  Goulet Pens calls her Noodler's Flex Nib Piston Fill Resin Fountain Pen in Panther Pink.

I like Jayne Mansfield better.

In case you've never heard of Jayne Mansfield she was  an iconic sex symbol in the late 1950's and  60's.  In 1957 she bought a 40-room  mansion (formerly owned by Rudy VallĂ©e) and turned it pink, inside and out.  

After painting the outside pink, adding pink lights, pink furs in the bathrooms, a pink heart-shaped bathtub, and a pink champagne spouting fountain, Jayne named it "Pink Palace". 

I found this video on Youtube.  It's a photo montage of The Pink Palace accompanied by Jayne singing, Let's Do It.  If you have time to watch it, it's pretty wild.


Jotje 5/27/12, 2:45 PM  

OMG, you are a genious! Forget my pen hacks, this is grand! I'm going to hunt for such a pouch for my pastell crayons ... Thank you!!!

Neens 5/27/12, 3:50 PM  

Funny you should post this today, I just found an old unused pouch yesterday (white with rose print) and had the same idea for my personal Domino... Didn't do anything about it though, as there is NO way I could fit anything more in there without removing something first - perish the thought! ;) May have to reconsider now though after seeing how gorgeous it looks in your filofax! :D

Tracy Reinhardt 5/27/12, 5:47 PM  

Jotje, I love your pen hack!

Neens, I had to take some things out to add this. You're not alone with a very full Filo!!


Nancy 5/29/12, 9:43 AM  

Love the hack and the idolatry! Thanks! So clever.

Oh, and I nderstand the lack or family reaction, mine are the same way. Having pizza and beer with my son's friends after he graduated from Yale last week didnt stop me from pushing the FF drug at the table when I heard the computer science major confess to prefering written notes to typing on his laptop.

I was only slightly disappointed to realize it's because math problems are more like drawings than senteences... hehe.

Tracy Reinhardt 5/31/12, 8:34 PM  

Nancy you go girl with your planner pushing. Its the right thing to do :)


Joseph David Quinton 6/3/12, 8:49 PM  

I am a consumer of Gouet Pens, too! I just love them!

Anita 6/4/12, 7:50 AM  

Fab idea & thanks for sharing!
Crazy house too :)

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