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Friday, May 18, 2012

Franken up your Filofax

The cost of branded inserts is shocking  considering it's easy to find inexpensive spiral bound  planners full of useful pages, pouches, and pockets.  Last time I was at Rite-Aid I got several - The perfect size for my A5 Malden - at 75% off.  

This is a great time of year to scope out planner possibilities.  Everyone is trying to sell out the one's that started in January to make room for the Academic Year Planners. My best find was the 2012 Mother's Organizer by Plan Ahead.  

The cover page was enclosed in a very study side-opening pocket. I punched holes in it and now have a sturdy (one side is very stiff plastic) full length document holder.

A suggestion: If you're going to punch hard stuff, sharpen your punch by using it on aluminum foil first.

I love these half-page top-open sleeves and there were two of them. So useful and branded things similar to this cost between five and eight dollars apiece. This whole planner cost less then five.

I bought the planner for the plastic stuff but some of the pages are useful too.  The month view on two pages is pretty great.

As is the week view.

And I love the pages that are topic specific.  Tons of room for all kinds of information, this one is friends, family, and school data.

A gift record.

Birthdays and Anniversaries...

Take out food info!  This one is brilliant, my menus always end up in a void somewhere and since my family tends to order the same things over and over all I really need is the phone numbers.

Filofax inserts aren't easily found in my area but as you can see there are many options to Franken up a Filofax.   All you need is a hole punch,  scissors, and a little imagination.


Nancy 5/18/12, 11:26 AM  

I had the same PlanAhead planner a few years back and actually got some good use out of it. Great product for a great price. Your info about sharpening a hole punch is genius! Mine is eons old and dull, thank you. P.s. if u want to buy my brand-new Cuban pocket size in the chesnut color I would sell it to you for $50 shipping included. Wouldn't be able mail it for a week, though, because leaving to see son graduate from uni.

Tracy Reinhardt 5/18/12, 11:30 AM  

Nancy, OMG. I have to think about it but... probably. Let me just see about the money.


Nancy 5/18/12, 12:57 PM  

Haha! I figured the one-week delay will give you a chance to REALLY think about it! :-)

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