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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Filofax with some Oh! La! La!

This week my quest for great paper  had me crossing time zones, an ocean, and a continent; to France.  

Photo is from Goulet Pens.

It's made by Clairefontaine and it's très magnifique.

It's  90g,  French-ruled and white (not all my pictures make it look white, but it's white none the less.... ).  I wanted  this paper forever and finally ordered it from  Goulet Pens.  There are a few pads but the one I got has 48 sheets (96 pages) and it's roughly A5 (6.75 in. x 8.75 in.) size.

I was very jazzed to try the French rule (or Séyès paper ) because I thought it would be like like graph paper on steroids, and it is!  

This paper is used by students in France. The lines are an 8mm x 8mm grid pattern with thinner horizontal lines spaced 2mm apart. There is a wide left margin. 

Goulet Pens has a video about it if you want more info.

There are two minor issues for using it in a Filofax (besides having to punch holes). The first is it's a bit wide for my Malden Filofaxes A5 binder (or in French:  Agenda organiseur A5 Malden - Classier sounding don't you think?)  and you have to cut off a little.  The second is the notebook isn't micro-perforated.  Since I bought the staple bound pad I just took out the staples and pulled the whole thing apart. 

 Considering how much I like this paper neither is enough to even bother me.  And look how fabulous it looks next to Do-Do von Teese. 


It's great as To-Do sheets and all kinds of lists.  I used lots of different inks on it and the Séyès paper dealt with them like a champ.

This is a better picture of the color even though the photo's a bit meh...


Just look at the paper's derrière... Er, backside.


Il est parfait n'est-il pas?

I have another project going with this Oh-La-La! of a  paper.  The project involves a  vintage leather binder, French-ruled paper, a Moleskine, and the book Wreck This Journal.

  So far it's coming out great and I'll post when I'm done!


Amy 5/10/12, 9:43 AM  

By the way, got my marker in the mail! Am loving it! Thank you!
Amy :)

HM 5/10/12, 9:56 AM  

Woot! French-themed post!! If you like French stationnery, let me know if I could help by sending some stuff over :)

Nancy 5/10/12, 11:36 AM  

Very cool! I've never heard of that particular type of paper, interesting. I, too love CF paper and recently hacked a lined notebook for use with my personal FF. ive abandoned my DO2P and am now using do1p with a sheet of CF in-between each day. I now write my daily to dos to the right of my apps/schedudule (on the same page) and use the CF paper for journaling, adding sheets if loquacious.

Tracy Reinhardt 5/11/12, 5:52 AM  

Amy, I'm so glad you got it and are enjoying it!!

HM -I did a French themed post when my family returned! Can you tell me if there french ruled paper? Not in a notebook but just the paper? And also are there other brands besides clairefontaine? Some thing I could get for my son to use in school?

Nancy - I love CF paper, I've tried a lot and some are really nice but I keep coming back to CF - White lines paper was also really nice but by the way, if you haven't tried it - not as smooth as CF though

LJ 5/12/12, 1:04 AM  

Love this paper - I may have to get some and get my writing nicer. And also for my boys as they are both learning to write, but over here it seems they are not taught how to form the letters, but just copy what they see. :o)

Lily 5/12/12, 1:06 AM  

I love French exercise books, last time I went to France I spent 30 euros on them :p

HM 5/12/12, 8:02 AM  

I'll need to find that post!

Yes, there's French ruled paper (usually called 'feuillets mobiles'). As you know I'm not in France right now but I'll be back in a couple of weeks, so I'll be able to check out the stores for you if you want.
The paper is usually A4, you can buy it perforated or not. There are single pages (like one sheet) or 'copies doubles' (2 sheets attached, which we usually use for exams). You can also find colored paper (pink, green, yellow and blue for sure, i'll have to check for other colors). I'm sure they do A5 paper too, but it's much less common, i'll see if I can find it in stores.
Then we have notebooks (stapled like yours, or with spirals, or pads attached at the top or on the right side, with detachable sheets) all French ruled.
Follow this link :
You'll get on the 'copies doubles / feuillets mobiles' section of this store (I've never ordered with them, so it's not a recommendation, but a good way to see what's offered in France :) )
We also have drawing paper that's perforated for our A4 binders, square paper... And you can also see other brands. CF is the best, and Oxford is a very close competitor (French company, despite the name). There's also Conquerant, but I don't like it as much. Then every chain of supermarket has their store brand, and some are pretty decent (I'm mostly talking about FP friendliness and see-through/feathering).
As you know A4 is not compatible with American binders, so I don't know if you could use that for your son ?
Seyes is what we use from age 8 I guess till the end of high school, basically. Usually squared paper is reserved for maths, and the drawing white paper (which is much thicker, you can paint on it) is used for geometry, geography and drawing class. Some professors require the use of colored paper as a sort of 'color-coding' (for one we had to do our homework on blue paper, another used green for most important rules... but most professors didn't ask for it).

Soooo that was a long comment.... Sorry! But I'm ALWAYS here to talk about stationery :D

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