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Friday, May 25, 2012

Filofax, outside the box

I have a metric caboodle of stationary, office supplies, craft items and  Filofax supplies.   I kept it all within reach of my bed and by the end of each day it looked like  Staples  threw up.  I tried to organize, find homes for things, put stuff away when I was done but I failed, nothing really had a home. 

Plus I couldn't find things I wanted and it drove me crazy (although Ventura didn't give flip about my state of office supplies chaos).


  Except when the Leaning Tower of Filofax Inserts fell on him.  Which was kinda often.  This week I made a list of organizing projects to tackle and the side of my bed was first. 

  Recently I got a huge vintage sewing box. I cleaned it out, put it smack up against my bed, and it's perfect for storing small things.

Ventura sleeps on 'THE THRONE OF MANY PILLOWS'  in the space between my bed and the wall.  It's not a big space, maybe three, three and a half feet, but he doesn't seem to mind sharing it with a giant wood sewing box.

Closed it's very neat.

Open, I can see all my treasures.

I have colored pencil hoarding issues.

Ventura loves me anyway.

It's hard to find space for a million tiny things but I have to say, this is great!

Everything fits~

Well, the little stuff.  The box doesn't fit large things (paper, notebooks, etc)  so I stacked vintage suitcases  on my night table.


When closed you'd never know I have a paper fetish, it's all neat and out of sight. (I keep paperbacks on the window sill behind them.)

It's not organized in there but it holds my hot mess of paper.

Organizing when you don't have a lot of space takes some doing and a fair amount of energy.  For people who don't have a gift for that, it's doubly hard and takes thinking outside the box.  

This box actually.

And  a couple of suitcases.


Nancy 5/25/12, 6:35 PM  

Love these creative storage solutions!! By the way am I just slow on the uptake or did you change your blog named to planning is Nirvana? I thought it was crazy suburban mom anyway I like the new name or what I think is the new name!

Josh 5/25/12, 8:01 PM  

Oh wow, brilliant! I showed Ventura's THRONE OF MANY PILLOWS to Phoebe and Rupert and they are suitably envious. Now I need a sewing box, or a tackle box, or some kind of box. Loved this post!

Tracy Reinhardt 5/26/12, 6:37 AM  

Nancy, Same name. I've been putting words on my banner for a few months now. Still have my blog site at the bottom and the month (I change it every month.

A tackle box would work too, not as pretty though :)

Babes Mami 5/28/12, 7:42 PM  

Very nice!

Shannon Mateo 5/29/12, 10:00 PM  

I love how you say, "see all my treasures" It's so something I would say. I'm in love with that box. I need that box. I need to hide stuff in a box just like that. Your box is genius. I'm pretty jealous of the box!

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