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Monday, May 28, 2012

File O' Fax

There is a random slip pocket on Mr. Malden's back cover.  It came with a lined pre-punched notepad.   To me a pad of paper in a binder full of paper is superfluous. 

The pocket itself was useful but before long Mr. Malden's backside was stuffed with stickers, tickets, coupons, and unfinished mail.  It seemed like a great place to stash stuff until that pocket turned into a Filofaxean Black Hole bulging with a jumble of crap.  

To locate one item I had to take everything out.

back pocket malden a5

The final straw was this morning when I couldn't find a nearly completed letter.  No idea where it is still,  who knows where things go when they vanish into a Filofax's Bermuda Triangle Backside ?  

I like the space but one giant void clearly wasn't working anymore so I made a staggered file for it.


It was a little fiddly but my File O' Fax turned out great!

About two weeks ago I got an A5 Size Spiral Planner on clearance.  I frankened up my Filo  (here)  with the guts of a 2012 Mother's Organizer by Plan Ahead and put the rest aside.  

This morning I pulled it out again because I needed the dividers.   I staggered three of them.


And used Washi tape to hold them in place temporarily.   Once the lay out was secure I cut off both edges.

After that it was just about taping it together.

That was the fiddly part.


I wanted the biggest opening possible so I didn't tape straight up the side because that would have cut down on usable space. Although doing that would have made the taping process simpler.


I taped each divider to the other individually.

Taping along the edges in one swoop will cut down the total width.  No problem if you don't mind the narrower opening.

I felt it would be more practical if wider.

And it's great.

In one pocket I have stickers, in the other envelopes, unfinished mail and coupons.  You could make more pockets but just two allows you to see everything sticking out the top.

....Now if I can just find the missing letter.


Steph 5/28/12, 2:17 PM  

This is an awesome idea. I just ordered a grey A5 malden, after watching your page by page video and this file idea looks quite helpful...I may just borrow your filo o fax.

Steve Morton 5/28/12, 5:37 PM  

Holds my Kindle on my travels nicely too!

Jotje 6/2/12, 6:24 AM  

That is a terrific idea!! Totally recognize the "Filofax Bermuda Triangle" problem btw. And nice phrase too! LOL

Jotje 6/2/12, 6:24 AM  

That is a terrific idea!! Totally recognize the "Filofax Bermuda Triangle" problem btw. And nice phrase too! LOL

Lime Tree 6/2/12, 6:26 PM  

wonderful idea!

Sari 6/3/12, 3:08 AM  

Fantastic idea!!! I admire your creativity! I use the pocket in my a5 for my Kindle, too (copied the idea from Steve ;.)), but I will definitely try this in the personal size.....

Ms. C 6/7/12, 2:04 PM  

Oh, this is brilliant! I actually HAVE that exact organizer, and have used it, but not as extensively as I obviously could. And that tip about the hole punch is awesome! If you would like to take a look at my filofax-centered blog, you can find it at
Also, you recently checked out my youtube filofax video, and I was so honoured! You have been a MAJOR inspiration for me! There are more videos on the way!

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