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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Edward de Bono: On Filofax Hacks

When I switched back to an A5 Filofax I was short some accessories, especially a bookmark.  I used the Filofax black one (bland, dreary and snore) for a while but it bores me. 

I decided to make one out of... um,  something but what I had no idea.   Edward de Bono said, "Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way."

And that's what I did... This morning I was shopping in Riteaid and a lot of things were 75% off. I ran right to the office supply aisle and yep, the notebooks were on sale.   I've wanted them for their covers forevah but the one's I wanted were ten plus dollars a notebook and I figured, too much.

Today they were selling for next to nothing and I bought and hacked apart a few.

This is a  Mead Trapper Keeper, roughly the size of an A5 Binder. Here it is sitting on Mr. Malden before I cannibalized it.


I cut the cover apart, punched it (and snipped so it's removable), and put washi tape over the logo.  This is with a few layers of washi tape, looks like maybe one more layer ought to do it.  The size on this is great - It sticks out the top and bottom just a little so it makes a great page marker.


The next thing is for my art section.  I got three pads: tracing paper, watercolor paper and this learn to write pad; all by Mead.


I'm using the Mead Learn to Write for my calligraphy.  It's in their pre-school line which pretty much covers my calligraphy ability.  


Folded in half, punched and cut!

The next one solves a problem for me.  I have sheets I want to keep in the binder but I don't want to have to page though (because there is nothing on them yet).  Things like Dodo Inserts for the whole year and extra graph pages are great to keep but paging through the spares is tedious.

I've been using paperclips but really that didn't work very well; they fly off! This Carolina pad has an attached elastic and it's just what I was looking for.


I cut off the cover, punched holes, Washi taped the logos and I'm so happy!


This sits behind pages I don't need yet.


And the elastic holds the group together, neatly.  Now I can keep whatever I'm not using yet in one tidy lump.

I got a few more but don't have time to rip them to shreds today; more to come!

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Lord Dodo 5/3/12, 9:56 AM  

Points for beady eye-edness, if not for creativity (but have you seen my iPhone cover idea yet? - that was worthy of E de B and done by stealth of night!!), spotting my Dodo Pad diary nestling happily under your page markers and elastic hacks - looks great! (sorry... long sentence...)

I am now a total fan (albeit very new to it) of Filofax hacks - after all it was the Personal size Dodo Pad hack carried out in early March that introduced me to you via @joshualaporte!


Tracy Reinhardt 5/3/12, 10:00 AM  

Lord Dodo - I haven't see it, I don't think? Is is like the eyepad cover? I love that by the way - So adorable and cleaver! And yes! Still loving my inserts. I love all the color and random text and pictures.

Lord Dodo 5/3/12, 10:57 AM  

I'm not sure I'm allowed to do this but you can see it on the DodoPad page on Facebook - here is the link:

Sorry about the gobbledegook but it should get you there. Put your shades on first - it's bright!

Tracy Reinhardt 5/3/12, 11:05 AM  

OH! now that's fun!! (so would an iphone cover that looks like the eyepad book)

Lord Dodo 5/3/12, 11:13 AM  

Yes...but it might be considered by the Apple powers that be, a little too close to their design. We own the trademarks in the stationery categories but putting our design on an iPhone makes me a little nervous! Good thought though and not one I am dismissing at all! A good friend - an eminent barrister - is visiting this weekend and a bit of brain tapping to be done methinks! :)

Tracy Reinhardt 5/3/12, 11:17 AM  

I think that would be kind of cool - iphone on front, eyepad on back... But yes I can see that Apple might get it's panties in a bunch over it

Nancy 5/3/12, 12:48 PM  

Nice! Both the bookmarks and the elasticized notebook!

Tracy Reinhardt 5/3/12, 1:59 PM  

The one with elastic is wonderful!! You should do one!

Nancy 5/3/12, 2:23 PM  

Right now I store most of my unused inserts in a separate PlanAhead cheap-o FF knock-off. I don't have room in my Amazona personal-size! I'm keeping it in mind, though!

LJ 5/5/12, 1:24 AM  

Love this idea - I need to find some reasonable A5 paper and using fab notebooks so I can make page markers is such a fun idea. Next UK visit may involve stationery stores :o)

Anita 5/6/12, 6:52 AM  

This is brilliant & thanks for sharing! I bought an A5 notebook from the supermarket for the paper, but love how you've used the elastic & cover too :)

Tracy Reinhardt 5/6/12, 7:37 AM  

Anita, It helps so much. I have the pages I want but don't need to flip thorough them. PS your pens in the mail! 5/12/12, 7:34 AM  
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Anonymous,  5/12/12, 7:35 AM  

I love this idea!!! Thanks for sharing :)))

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