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Monday, May 21, 2012

...But would I buy it again?

I try a lot of different things in my Filofax so I want to do a post about a few things that worked, what didn't, and what was fine but wouldn't buy again.

My Creation with "100 Cameras in 1"

I don't mind the clear one but these obscure everything underneath.  Plus, with very little trouble and at a fraction of the price I can make a bookmark.

My Creation with "100 Cameras in 1"

One that's much more to my taste.  I wouldn't purchase a Filofax ruler again.
My Creation with "100 Cameras in 1"

Again, these can be made easily from other things but I've never made one I liked quite as much as the Filofax branded fly-leafs.  Five dollars for a piece of vinyl is robbery but I might buy this again; it's superior to anything I've seen.

My Creation with "100 Cameras in 1"

Filofax graph paper, yeah...  I really like this insert even though I have to buy from outside the USA.   So definitely I'd buy it again.
My Creation with "100 Cameras in 1"

Not sure about this one, the paper's great although I prefer much smoother paper.  If I had to photo-copy my notes  I'd probably buy it again but I  never have to do that. 

 It takes ink really well and I like the soft gray color but since I primarily use paper in my Filofax it isn't the kind of paper I 'need'.
My Creation with "100 Cameras in 1"

This is a definite no. Don't like this paper much and  I prefer graph paper for all things.  The color allows for finding pages easily which is great but at $4.50 for 25 sheets I'll stick with other options.

My Creation with "100 Cameras in 1"

A definite yes.  The paper's great and I love the colors.  Plus all the calendars are included in your yearly set.  You don't have to buy a year view, month view and a weekly - It's part of the package.

My Creation with "100 Cameras in 1"

I really like the  avery reprepositional envelopes (size of a CD) with tabs.  At the moment I keep stamps in them.  They are sticky-backed so there are a lot of uses for these and I would repurchase. 

My Creation with "100 Cameras in 1"

I'm going to lump all branded zip envelopes here and no, I probably wouldn't repurchase them.  There are so many other ways to get an enclosed pocket in your Filofax it seems a waste of money.  Everything from regular envelops to vinyl and plastic pockets can be hole punched.  Over time the pockets gets stiffer and more difficult to open and close so I'll stick with the cheapest options for storage.

My Creation with "100 Cameras in 1"

I like these, both the paper and plastic versions.  They have to be repunched but the whole set is only about $5 and they look fabulous.  

My Creation with "100 Cameras in 1"

These are almost ten dollars but I really love them.  When these run out I will re-buy them.   I love the colors and there's just something about them that makes them better then Post-It brand stickies.  I like that they are in a book and different sizes are include.  Post-its tend to come in only garish shades, a stack of sticky fluorescent awful,  pretty much.

My Creation with "100 Cameras in 1"

I found these locally and on clearance.  I don't know if they are going to be around again or it was just a test sort of thing at Pier One.  I've never seen this kind of thing there before so yes, I would get them again but I don't know if I'll be able to.

I have more products I'd like to do but this got long fast!  I'll be doing at least one more of these.


Josh 5/21/12, 12:19 PM  

ugh. I just bought two zip pouches from Staples (DayRunner) and now have no idea why I bothered: stamps and stationery "ride" nicely in the top opening vinyl document protectors; coins go in the coin pocket on the back of the card wallet; etc etc.

Just bought an ARC notebook at Staples. Paper feels very similar to Dodo paper, and is reasonably priced. I can carry this notebook to a meeting to take notes (more comfortable to write on than a binder) and then pull out the page and punch for the organizer.

Josh 5/21/12, 12:19 PM  
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Tracy Reinhardt 5/21/12, 12:34 PM  

I have tons of 'why did I buy that?' stuff... ugh!

Ray Blake 5/21/12, 4:10 PM  

Throw it away. Life is too short.

Tracy Reinhardt 5/21/12, 4:19 PM  

Ray, LOL! I actually do that a lot.

Laurie 5/21/12, 8:12 PM  

What a great post! I don't see these often, evaluating what you'd like to buy again and what's just not worth it. Great info, thanks!

Tracy Reinhardt 5/21/12, 8:32 PM  

Laurie, I wanted to do more but the post got so long. think I will do another


Diane Perin Hock 5/26/12, 12:57 PM  

Yes, what a good post! It's easy to get sucked into buying the accessory stuff and it's good to hear someone else's thoughts on what works and what didn't. BTW, I have a zip envelope in the personal FF I use for my wallet -- to store change -- and it IS getting stiffer and more annoying. Any ideas on what to use as an alternative to hold coins?

Tracy Reinhardt 5/26/12, 1:58 PM  

Diane, I've made pockets from several thing. I did a post not too long ago about making one from the zip pocket bought for something else - an eyemask of all things! I'm planning on making another one from a little zipper pouch. The kind you keep change in - It looked very cute online so I'll see when it gets here!

Look for items that come packaged in vinyl zip loc bags - Beauty items have this a lot

You just have to find something the right size and punch holes in it.


Amanda (from Paper, Pens and Ink) 5/26/12, 3:38 PM  

What a great post!! I too have bought a load of stuff that turned out to be less useful than I hoped.

I have a couple of hacks on my blog - a coin purse converted from a little zipper bag
and punching holes in a zip-lock bag:
Hope they're helpful.

terriknits 6/3/12, 1:37 PM  

great post, Tracy. I find myself thinking the same -"really?! what was I thinking?" on some things, but there's others that I love and would not hesitate to buy again.

I've never seen those Moleskine sticky notes before. I'm intrigued!

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