The Crazy Suburban Mom: Ad of the Day, Dog...Food? May 11.12

Friday, May 11, 2012

Ad of the Day, Dog...Food? May 11.12

Today's ad from a May, 1943 Woman's Day.  It was common to see references to products being good for the War Effort in magazines around this time.    The entire as is at the end.

The ad starts with a pup asking for Gaines Dog food by phone.

It adds the Army uses it.  I wish they said the Army's dogs use it but that's neither here nor there...

The part I found really odd was this section.  It talks about how it gives everything that dogs need but conserves war-strategic table food because Gaines contains few if any ingredients  that are needed at present for human use. 

I don't even know what that means...

Ads are always targeted to the times but I have to wonder, what the heck was in that stuff?

In 1961 Gaines came out with Gaines Burgers, a meat-ish product requiring no refrigeration.  It was a technology later used for people food.


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