The Crazy Suburban Mom: Vintage Image of the day: Chromcraft 4/11/12

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vintage Image of the day: Chromcraft 4/11/12

Chromcraft dining room 

Click for bigger image.

I think this is an ad from a 1940's magazine.


Tara Beaulieu 4/11/12, 8:53 AM  

I love these sets but every time I find one, they're only 4 seaters and I need at least a 6 seater. Oh yeah, that- and I need to convince Ed that this belongs in our house. He keeps giving me the stink eye whenever I mention getting one. I DO love our mid-century danish set but the kids are destroying it. I want to pack it away until they're older. Chrome and vinyl=sturdier for little boys I think, no?

Lenore Webb 4/12/12, 8:23 AM  

Drool? I have an original Chromcraft table and chairs (6) in red and white. This was my grandparents set that I inherited. Love that it is in my dining room.

Lin 4/12/12, 8:25 PM  

Hey, I think my mom still has that in her kitchen!!

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