The Crazy Suburban Mom: Today's vintage image, Tappan Love, April 25, 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Today's vintage image, Tappan Love, April 25, 2012

Yesterday I did a Tappan appliance ad and I kinda, sorta bashed it.  Just so you know me and Tappan are all good, here's one that I love.

I'm a total sucker for these colors, I just love the blue and green combination.  When I was little and walking home from the bus stop I used to wish really hard that when I opened my front door my house would be, floor to ceiling, blue and green.


Lenore Webb 4/25/12, 1:37 PM  

You will not believe this, but Granny M use to run a lil cafe of her own. And she had this very same Tappan oven and stove top there. I would love coming in to visit and cook with her. Pulling out the cook top was alway so surreal. Oh and to make it one better...yes it was blue!

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