The Crazy Suburban Mom: Today's vintage image: It's hot, April 24,2012

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Today's vintage image: It's hot, April 24,2012

This image was a back inside cover ad.

Every time I go back to this magazine (House Beautiful, July 1962) I'm floored by it - And not in a good way.  This kitchen is the most visually jarring space I've ever seen.  

I feel hot (also not in a good way) just looking at the picture and can't imagine standing in all that hot, hot red with the oven on.  

In 1962, before a pathological love of stainless took over the world, appliances came in colors.  Mercifully they used white ones in the ad.  Red appliances are the only thing that could make this ad worse.  

Not sure what the thought process behind the ad was.  If it was an attempt to stand out in a time dominated by the colors aqua, pink and yellow; they succeeded - Again, not in a good way.

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Josh 4/24/12, 10:17 AM  

I actually like it, and definitely love that Frigidaire Flair-style "400" range, available in gas! I'm thinking this ad is mid sixties, when these saturated colors were getting really popular. For some reason red doesn't make me feel hot. I painted my kitchen bright orange and people hated it because they said it "felt hot."

Tracy Reinhardt 4/24/12, 12:11 PM  

Josh, Could be I'm alone in the opinion that that kitchen is too much...everything! I don't have a problem with red kitchens its that ad! Red everything except the appliances and that was probably the point - they really stand out!

Tracy (PS as a teen I painted my room pumpkin orange. I loved it - everyone else hated it... lol

Lin 4/24/12, 10:34 PM  

And did she have to wear a red dress?? What was with that?!

Yep---too over the top for me too.

Tracy Reinhardt 4/25/12, 6:11 PM  

Lin, the dress was the last straw for me...

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