The Crazy Suburban Mom: Today's vintage image: Closet Organizing 1962, April 30, 12

Monday, April 30, 2012

Today's vintage image: Closet Organizing 1962, April 30, 12

Before the 1960's magazines had tons of DIY projects; everything from sewing to furniture making.  Prior to the late 50's projects were about re-using what you already had (making clothes and accessories out of an old dress, making a shelf from a broken piece of furniture, etc.)

From 1960  you bought what you needed to make things.  With more affluence I guess people didn't want to use old things anymore.  The number of (what I would consider) complicated craft projects also disappeared.  

After the 1970's the big projects like this were pretty much gone and craft kits started showing up.  

These pictures are from House Beautiful, September 1962 and it's titled Chaos Conquered Or The Case of the Capable Cleaning Closet.  

It's interesting for a lot of reasons, for me it's fascinating because it suggests people have chaos in the form too much stuff.  Before the 1950's people has very little.  If you look through magazines the rooms look very sparse compared to what they have today.   I guess people accumulated all through the 50's and by 1960 had actual clutter.  

I scanned the entire article and made smaller images of every part because it's a great idea.  Even if you don't want to build it yourself, there are many free-standing pieces like that around (i.e. Ikea comes to mind.) 

Clicking images will get you a readable size.

The cabinet is 2 feet by 2 feet and holds a lot.  

They had quite a lot of cleaning supplies!

This is the facing page.

I also scanned the Shopping Information.

It includes prices.

Next to the last part was an ad for the Fire Hood that you could " install yourself if you're moderately handy with tools."

These were everywhere in the 70's but I love that clock more.

This image of the day is a bit long.  Let me know if you like seeing whole articles and I'll do more.


Vonlipi 4/30/12, 7:26 PM  

That is one organized broom closet!

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