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Friday, April 13, 2012

Stationery and office supplies; better then donuts

Having accounted for traffic and there being none, I was an hour early for yesterday's Dentist appointment.  The only retail places open at Dawn-Crack O'clock are donut shops and Staples.

I used to work near a Dunkin' Donuts and for the first few days it was bliss, beyond that it was like being suffocated by a cruller eight hours a day; haven't eaten a donut since so Staples won by default.

I didn't exactly need anything but need is such a harsh word when talking office supplies.  My last stationery hunt netted me these Dividers.

washi tape borders

Re-holing them with a layer of Washi Tape added before punching worked great and resulted in very clean looking dividers sans amoebic holes .  But I wondered if I could find Filo-hole friendly inserts and made that my mission. 

 I sorta succeeded.  

Studio C dividers

Not with these, the holes are wrong but the plaid is so right.

Staples photo pages

There are several insert lines (Staples and Avery)  in the right size for an A5 Filofax with three existing holes; the two end ones are in the right position.  I punched in the missing four and it's perfect. 

 I passed these by a few times because I didn't think the holes would line up but this time I'd schlepped my Filofax with me and could match everything up.  Avery makes these too and they are identical.

staples brand 4x6 photo pages

I love that Terri has a place for photos in her Filofax.  When I watch her videos I always think, I need that. I have a lot of pictures I'd like to haul around with me; my son, my dogs...  France.

staples brand 4x6 photo pages

And these work perfectly.  Adding holes is definitely easier then having to repunch. They have an insert like this for coupons too and you get 10 sheets for 2.99.  The photo pages, I think, came in a package of 15 for a little more but I lost the receipt in the Unpacking Frenzy.


I got these too.  They are sticky-backed pockets with a large tab the size of a CD case, made by Avery. They are called Pocket Tabs and they come in a pack of 5 for 5.69.

Avery square repositionable envelopes on a filofax divider

They are very nice for stamps because of the flap closure.  If you're wondering why I need all these stamps, it's because I like letter writing... Which brings me to these.

Moleskine postal notes

 They didn't come from Staples - I had to order them.  They are a new line from Moleskine called Postal Notebooks and there are a few sizes, colors and configurations.   In the simplest terms, it's a card with pages for writing.  The whole thing folds up into an envelope you address, stamp and mail.  In my opinion they are the best new Moleskine product in years.

I like the bags a lot too but no way am I going to pay over A HUNDRED dollars for a tote bag made out of "water-repellent materials" (Their words, not mine.)


And I picked up this Punch Studio Stationary at TJMaxx because I found them, loved them, they fit in the back top Malden A5 slot and it's really hard to find snail mail supplies.  

Does no one write letters anymore?  

It went downhill from there because it was time for the dentist but it was Officesupplytastic while it lasted. 

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Sandra 4/13/12, 9:31 AM  

Love Studio C stuff! And the use of Washi tape to hide the unattractive holes created by repunching. Hate that.

I want a Staples in my neighborhood...Boo.

Lenore Webb 4/13/12, 10:20 AM  

i love you but nothing is better than donuts

Tracy Reinhardt 4/13/12, 10:26 AM  

Sandra, Washi tape is the best stuff ever. I'd never seen Studio C before but it's terrific, the designs are great!

Lenore - I get that but seriously after three days of smelling nothing but them, I was done. Apparently for life

terriknits 4/13/12, 6:18 PM  

mmm donuts. I haven't had a donut in a LOOONG time.

Those Moleskine post cards are tres cool. Making my Moleskine jones come back.

Nancy 4/13/12, 6:49 PM  

Lots of good stuff here! I'm intrigued by the Moleskine paper and the photo pages. BTW, I'm pretty sure I've bought/seen Studio C stuff at Target?? Have a good weekend!

Tracy Reinhardt 4/13/12, 6:54 PM  

Terri and Nancy - I love the Postal Moleskines. Fun, really fun!

Have a good weekend, Nancy!

Sally 4/14/12, 3:50 AM  

Aw those postal moleskins sound fab, very much doubt we can get them here though :( your Staples is much better stocked than ours! Hope the dentist went ok x

Sally 4/14/12, 3:50 AM  

Aw those postal moleskins sound fab, very much doubt we can get them here though :( your Staples is much better stocked than ours! Hope the dentist went ok x

Sally 4/14/12, 3:50 AM  

Aw those postal moleskins sound fab, very much doubt we can get them here though :( your Staples is much better stocked than ours! Hope the dentist went ok x

Ro 4/21/12, 8:45 PM  

I used to write 300+ letters a year, and my new year's resolution was to swing back into the habit. I sent dozens until about two weeks ago, but is hard to keep sending cards and letters into the ether with no hope of response. I had a couple of people tell me how much they "absolutely LOVED getting snail mail" but that was the most I got in response. I will send the odd letter out in the future, but I fear old fashioned letters are all but extinct, and the US postal system doomed...

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