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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Size matters...

Size is an odd thing; being both concrete and relative. Put the same thing in front of two people and one will see it as tiny, the other as unwieldy.

Because all roads lead to Filofax, even esoteric discussions of size, this post is about going back to my A5. Over the last week or so I've been trying to use my Portland Personal (here here here and here).    There's nothing wrong with it; it remains my favorite binder.  It's a size thing.

Comparing Filofax Models is difficult. There are so many factors from pen loops to style of use, from concrete things like cost to  nebulous things like it makes you smile.  The best analogy for how I feel about Filofax size is something Walt Disney said,  "Here in Florida, we have something special we never enjoyed at Disneyland...the blessing of size. There's enough land here to hold all the ideas and plans we can possibly imagine.” 

There is nothing wrong with Disneyland, it's the happiest place on Earth, but Walt's right; Disneyworld does things Disneyland could only dream about. 

The change happened over a few days in an organic sort of way.  I set up my A5 for one reason; to try my new Lord Dodo inserts. It wasn't planner fail, in fact I was still in the process of trying to make it work.

lord dodo inserts

Since it was a Mock-o-Fax I decided to try using A to Z tabs instead of subjects.

malden a5

And then I punched holes in my business cards, adding them alphabetically to the new sections.

 I was using my Filofax constantly (again), my to-do sheets were more complete and it was always beside me, open.   I'd been using the personal less and less.

That was when I realized I need the A5 size to be fully functional.   Every Filofax size has benefits.  The personal was a lot easier to carry around but the A5 is easier (for me) to use and if  I'm not using it; carry-ability is moot.

 There's nothing wrong with my Personal Portland; it isn't a fail any more then Disneyland is  but as Walt said, Disneyworld  has the blessing of size and the room to hold all ideas and plans. 

filofax a5

And so goes it for my Magic Kingdom, as well. 


terriknits 4/10/12, 3:57 PM  

Interesting how our Filo needs evolve and change! I'm very happy with my A5s but feel like I still want to make some good use of my personals.

Lenore Webb 4/11/12, 7:45 AM  

gosh and i am still stuck with a desk calender and blog notebook
i feel so flintstones

Tracy Reinhardt 4/11/12, 8:16 AM  

Terri, I can't seem to use more then one at a time. I know other people are so successful at it but I seem to flop when I try.

L - You MUST get a filofax :)

kanalt 4/13/12, 1:54 PM  

I love the idea of your planner as your own Magic Kingdom! It's so true!!!

Tracy Reinhardt 4/13/12, 2:17 PM  

Kanalt - I thought so too!

Anita 4/14/12, 12:28 PM  

I've had exactly the same thoughts as I'm currently upsizing from personal to A5. Sooo much better for me & I'm actually using my filo again :)

Kelly Marriott 4/14/12, 12:44 PM  

Can we see your A5 setup in more detail? Love the pics!

Kelly Marriott 4/14/12, 12:45 PM  

Can we see your A5 setup in more detail? Love the pics!

terriknits 4/15/12, 6:16 PM  

Tracy, I can't use more than one at a time for my personal (non-work) Filo. I need to have all my "stuff" in one binder. However, I feel bad that I have those other lovely personal-size ones that have no current purpose.

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