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Monday, April 2, 2012

The Origami of Filofax Paper

The changeover from A5 Filofax to Personal size marches on...

Dividers: Check
Pouches: Check 
Ruler: Checkarooni 
Paper:  Checkless

My A5 sized Filofax combined with paper from the  Classic Clairefontaine Top Staplebound Notepad - 6 x 8.25, Graph  Note Pad worked very well for me.  I like this paper for my daily everything list; I like it a lot.

The paper is very smooth, takes ink well and is easy to get out (micro-perforated).  It's also easier to store then binder inserts because it's in pad format so all the sheets are together until I take them apart.  


It's a schoochy bit short but not enough to matter and the whole kabooble was pretty much perfect so  I cut those sheets in half to fit in my personal-sized Portland. While they work they, I don't know - Suddenly it felt not as functional; puny.  I felt hemmed in. Stunted.


I bought a few more papers to try, one being the  Kokuyo Edge Title Twin Ring Notebook - A5 and cut them down  so I could get the right-side edge.

And stuck a few in.

I wanted that edge because of what I read in the description: The Kokuyo Edge Title Notebook has edge margins that allow you to write headlines, titles and dates to organize your notes. To be uber organized you can even color the edges with a highlighter so that they become colored side indexes.

They had me at uber-organized.

twin ring notebook edge title

I have to say,  great concept and notebook.  If I was still using an A5 I'd work it in or planned on using the notebook as is, it might be love but for a personal-sized binder I feel like I'm cutting too much paper off.   

 And you see, I have this irrational love of graph paper (Of course,  I still want to try French-Ruled paper because I have an irrational love of paper in general, but don't tell the graph paper.) for my everything lists.  

I do plan on using this notebook for something else and incorporating that edge thing but that leaves me...

Back with  Clairfontaine ...


I didn't cut it this time, I put  holes in the 'top' and put the paper in sideways (Another reason graph paper rocks).  Folded in half, it gives me four writing sides.  I probably should do a video, trying to describe what I did is going to be a bit like giving written directions for origami, but here goes.

side 1

Side one with the fold on the right side.

side 2

Then I turn the whole thing over to the next blank side and have page two.

side three

For side three I reverse the direction of the fold so the folded side is out and the written sides are in.

fold edge out

And side four is the flip side of that.


It works because I can view a lot of information when the page is totally open.  I toyed with the idea of making a little ringed desky thing so I'd have a surface to write on (if I wanted to use the paper in it's entire size) but thought this would be easier.  A big plus is when folded I can highlight the edges like that fabulous promise of uber-organization with the edge notebook.  I highlighted March yellow and started April in Aqua with a very cool highlighter...

Figuring out where things were in the past used to be a bit of an issue, this will help with that.

So that's where I am in the change.  It's going slowly, very slowly but so far no imminent planner fail. 


Josh 4/2/12, 12:31 PM  

Now I want to run out and buy a notebook! Seriously, taking notes on personal size paper blows! I could buy a notebook, take notes, rip out the pages, punch them, and insert them sideways folded. Fantastic. Thanks!

Tracy Reinhardt 4/2/12, 12:37 PM  

Josh, I seriously don't know why I didn't think of this before, I could have done the same thing in the a5. It works with graph paper because graphs work in either direction but plain would work and some other papers that have a line/grid combo might also.

And that's exactly it, writing on personal sized paper is kind of hard, especially if its already in the binder with the rings. Although in there like this it's stretched out - or can be taken out for writing. Or like you said, you just buy the pad, take the notes and deal with punching later


Nancy 4/2/12, 3:12 PM  

So what EXACTLY do you use these pages for? Any and everything?? Thanks! Oh, and, clever, of course. I was going to say 'it goes without saying' but of course that sort of attitude is not to be encouraged! :-)

Tracy Reinhardt 4/2/12, 4:03 PM  

Nancy, I tried out a lot of standard to-do lists, and making one list for one thing, another for something else, and it was just confusing for me so I began to just date the top of a page and write everything that needed to be written in one place... until the next day. It can be a doctor's appt, a call I have make, something I have to mail, or clean or do but everything for that day goes under then same date. I even write stuff I have to do a few days away (if I'm afraid I'll forget about it) so I can remember. Somethings get moved day to day until the day they actually have to get done.

I use a week on two page insert for actual things like doctors appts and interleave all these daily sheets between all the daily pages.

It probably sounds confusing the way I'm explaining it! But it just simplified it so much for me.


Lin 4/2/12, 9:08 PM  

So, I'm thinking here....

if you are doing all that writing down of what you are gonna do, do you really do it all? I mean, where do you find the time after you write all that?

Hee! Hee!

LJ 4/7/12, 1:11 AM  

Ooh - those notebooks look good, but I really need to get some graph paper - it is just so good for keeping everything straight and organised.

Tracy Reinhardt 4/7/12, 9:44 AM  

Lin, the thing is it ends up saving me time in the end because of all the stuff I used to forget and had to scramble to finish or find a way to get done when I didn't take time. It does take some time to do but in the end it makes everything I have to do run more smoothly.

LJ - That is my favorite notebook hands down for all-around stuff. The paper is great, it's micro-perforated and I don't have worry because it fits in either size filo. They aren't even expensive.

Anita 4/7/12, 11:40 AM  

Very interesting! I'm making the transition from personal to A5 :)

Tracy Reinhardt 4/7/12, 12:13 PM  

Anita, I'm not sure what's going to happen with it... I set up my a5 to test out dodo inserts and I find I use it more so... hmmmm.

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