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Friday, April 6, 2012

Martha Stewart: On Filofaxes

Last week I copped to buying some  (okay, more then I needed) Martha Stewart A5 Sized dividers in an office supply feeding frenzy.  I cut the paper dividers down to fit my personal size Portland, punched some holes and it's pretty much perfect (there is one left over).  

The design reminds me of woven linen, in teal and white.

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The  dividers are the size needed for an A5 Filofax but the hole position is off.  It didn't really matter.  I had the personal set and wasn't planning on using the second set (multi-color plastic) right away, plus I had an idea to make re-holing them not the hot mess it was last time I re-punched something.

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The Filofax A5 rings are to the left, the Martha Stewart inserts in the middle and my hot mess is on the right.   

You can see Lord Dodo back there too.  

I was wrong about not using them for a while, today I set up one of the A5 Binders so I could try the Lord Dodo inserts and thought I'd Filofinagle Martha while I was at it.

Since I didn't want to turn Martha into a hot mess (Unthinkable) I covered the existing holes with Washi Tape, front and back using one continuous piece of tape.  Washi Tape varies in transparency so I continued around to the front again on a few of them.    

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The re-holed dividers look wonderful, very neat, and...

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A far cry from this awful thing...

This is the best solution I've come up with to re-punch inserts. The kind of tape doesn't matter and you could just as easily use plain masking tape for a more low-key look.

 Martha Stewart once said, "My new motto is: When you're through changing, you're through." So I think she will forgive me for hacking her inserts.

And, Martha we understand, our Filofaxes are  constant  works in progress; and I promise you, we'll never be through.


RBB 2/5/13, 8:19 AM  

Great idea thanks, and so true about them never being finished...let alone deciding on just one binder to use.

Patricia IamPlanningonIt 9/5/13, 2:53 AM  

Were you looking over my shoulder at my out mess of hole punching for the A5 Ff ? Big grin. It was so sad, I actually hid it under some bills so no one would see my 'Messterpiece'...great tip. I'm gonna try this...again!

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