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Monday, April 16, 2012

Lord Dodo's Nibs...

 A brain, okay my brain, can process just so much visual information; after that I don't see it.  (That is precisely why clutter accumulates  in piles on stair steps  and remains untouched for months.)

And it's why I add so much falala to my to-do lists.  I use a week on two page calendar with to-do sheets interleaved between them.

Without all that color my brain looks at the long lists and translates it into... Blah, blah, snore.

  With the color I am able to really see what I wrote.

There is a reason for this.  Brains are wired to filter out unimportant details, they have too. Without this filter you'd be a frantic crow in a world stuffed-to-busting with shiny things.

 Color-coding tasks makes them stand out. Color is lots of fun but it's not all about making a party in my Filofax, color makes things accessible to my brain. 

And color, is one of the things I love about Lord Dodo inserts.  I think my A5 Malden Filofax looks DoDodazzling  with the pen-friendly Dodo Pad A5 Diary Refill (2012 is half price now if you want to give a DoDo a whirl)

 I've been using these cheeky monkeys for a few weeks now.

BeFunky Viewfinder 4 on iPhone

I use them the same way I used the Filofax Weekly Insert, I put single appointments on them and run to-do sheets in between for everything else. 

BeFunky Viewfinder 4 on iPhone

The left page has writing space  I use for  shopping lists.  It's a running weekly list and I cross things off as I get them.  

BeFunky Viewfinder 5 on iPhone

On the dated side I put appointments, as always, but added something new.  I forget a lot of routine household tasks most people do automatically. Weeks go by before I remember to dust, wash the kitchen floor, or wonder what the underside of the toilet seat looks like.

And don't even get me started on laundry...

Now I write these things on the dated side.  Nothing overwhelming, just a few general things I want to accomplish and when.  I thought about what days would work best  and wrote them in; so far so good.  If something changes, I'll change it around.  

I love the color on the pages (the light to medium shades work best for the way I use it, as a coloring book) and the paper is very pen friendly.  The only ones that show through the backside at all are broad nib fountain pens (with wet inks) and markers like Sharpies.  

And Sharpies go through everything; they are more solvent then ink and have a dramatic wetting effect on paper.

The inserts have been a real success and I'll continue using them.  I love that the designs change weekly.  Not only is it fun but keeping things fresh and new in my mind helps.  Like I said, the longer I see the same old thing, the less likely it is that I'll notice it at all.  

The one part that was challenging for me was the DoDo year view.  Filofax has an insert I like and  order every year to use no matter the binder; I even tape it in if the binder is ring-less.  

Its great for a quick scan of the situation and as a long term planner; I block out vacations, doctor's appointments, put in lab work values, pay dates, and for tracking things like symptoms, migraines... etc.

There isn't a lot of space to write but the way I use it, I don't need it.

The year view in Lord Dodo inserts is harder for me to work with.  I like (really like) that this is part of the year's inserts (with Filofax it's a separate purchase) but the date spaces are even smaller.  

Here is a comparison.

BeFunky OrtonArt on iPhone

Next is a close up of how small they are compared to a pen.  The picture also illustrates my other issue with them; the holidays are written in, leaving no space at all.

BeFunky Viewfinder 4 on iPhone

As you can see (first picture) I tabbed over some of the writing and wrote on the tabs.  Other possible options (as a revamp) could be spreading the year view to four pages leaving room for bigger lines, leaving out the on-calendar holidays or printing them in a light color so you can see the information but write over it, or spreading the year view to three pages with the holidays on a forth page.  

These inserts were harder for me to incorporate.   I need these spaces to be clear for notes.  I can work with them being small, usually there is only one thing (if that) per date, but they all have to be accessible.  With the holidays written in, it takes a lot of days away.

In conclusion, I liked using them.  I like 'em a lot.  They are a breath of fresh air and the week per page for dates and general tasks is perfect.  I've known for a while I didn't need the week on two pages.  Plus, the left hand side it's given me space for a running grocery list, which was very much needed and a way to organize household tasks easily.

Dodo inserts  get  whopping  NIB SCORE of 95 out of 100.  Nibs, as you well know, are the universal measurement for Planner inserts. Those are theoretical  nibs, of course,  I don't even own the enough nibbage for Lord Dodo.  Okay, that sounds wrong...

They are fun and easy to use, take a variety of inks very well and easily accommodate to your own unique way of planning.  

If you have a second, say to Lord Dodo on Twitter or Facebook.  It's lonely being royal and he'd be Dodelighted!

*Lord Dodo provided me with the samples for review.*


Lenore Webb 4/16/12, 2:19 PM  

And just why is a Raven like a Writing Desk?

Lord Dodo 4/17/12, 6:17 AM  

Wow! - nibbage - new to me but what do I know? Honoured and humbled all in the same breath.

So pleased you are enjoying your Dodo Pad :)

Love the suggestion that the upcoming dates in the Year Planner are printed in a lighter tint. Easy to do and I can see how that would make the space more usable.

Might even be able to squeeze an extra nib point for that! (although I don't wish to sound greedy...)

We'll incorporate it for the next Acad-Pad student diary and the subsequent Dodo Pad - it won't be until 2014 now though as the 2013 edition has already gone to print.


Tracy Reinhardt 4/17/12, 8:43 AM  

Lenore - LOL!

Lord Dodo - Mum's the word but I made up the Nib Score :) And definitely extra nibbage for lighter colors for 'Holiday' notations. that would help a lot! They are easier to see on the date but in black the space becomes unusable. A light color would allow for easy viewing -as opposed to putting them on another page - but you could still write over them

Perfect! And thank you :)

Misguided Mommy 4/20/12, 1:10 AM  

I love love love the font they use in all of their writing. evne in the year one that just says M T W T F I love that font, I would buy it just because it is so pretty font wise.

I'm weird

Extra nibs for fonts

Lord Dodo 4/27/12, 4:37 AM  

For Misguided Mummy (and extra nibs for Fonts!)...a little post script - it's taken a while to find out as Lord Dodo's eternally hard working staff have been at trade shows various over the past couple of weeks!

The typefaces you liked are - for the Months and the Numerals on the Forward Planner 'Hodges Hand'.

The script typeface for the writing in the boxes - Bradleys Hand.


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