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Thursday, April 19, 2012

A lived-in sort of cool...

Found a old piston-fill fountain pen on Etsy a few weeks ago and it just arrived from France.  I think it's an old Italian pen meant for school children.  It wasn't expensive but it's got a used, lived-in sort of vibe that makes me very happy.  

It writes beautifully, has a sort of cool new pens don't have, and fits in a Filofax pen loop. You can't ask for more then that in this complicated world...


Lenore Webb 4/20/12, 8:49 AM  

will it be hard for you to refill?

Tracy Reinhardt 4/20/12, 12:36 PM  

Not hard necessary - just hard to clean depending on how water-resistant the ink is.

Jessica 4/20/12, 9:58 PM  

I love finding great things like this on Etsy. Congrats on your purchase!

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