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Monday, April 23, 2012

estate sale karma in progress...

I'm verklempt.

huge sewing kit

This sewing box is truly huge.  Ventura was sleeping with his head under it and he's a big dog.  You can see him there at the bottom.  

The buttons you see are the only ones with the box, the rest is general sewing stuff. 

Culver signed Fire king

This is a Fire King Culver signed casserole and lid.  It's really lovely, definitely used but looks GREAT.  There is one small chip on the inside rim.  The knob is gold and the sides are gold washed.  Never saw anything like this, don't know why I bought it can't imagine using this in a million years.  It's too...  fine.


A ton of wicked cool paper  Ephemera

Boy scout cards 1931 and 32

Like these Boy Scout membership cards.  One's from 1931; one from 32.


More paper and this cool white with gold note pad holder.

More Ephemera

Paper, paper, paper and few pictures.

vintage plans

And plans; I think the guy might have been an engineer or architect.

swanky swigs glass and swizzle sticks

Think this is a Swanky Swig glass from Anchor hocking. Swanky swigs are juiced-sized glasses that held Kraft cheese products. Many versions were made and distributed over the years. 

It's filled with swizzle sticks I also got there...  

BeFunky Original on iPhone

Verde Pyrex individual casseroles, I had two and bought the other five this weekend.

BeFunky Original on iPhone

I think this is Fire King Gay Fad.  There were three pieces and I got them all.  Another thing I can't imagine using although it's obvious these were used.  

They are just too lovely to dirty up with food...    

I think I was in the grips of an estate-sale-feeding-frenzy because a lot of this stuff I just wanted so I could look at it.  

This was the last day of the sale; usually there's not much left so I can't even imagine what was there when the sale opened.  


Lenore Webb 4/23/12, 3:43 PM  

it is so hard not to load up with amazing dishes. Of course I want the all

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