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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Yoda: On Filofax

If you buy a Filofax, you will be buying another.  That's not just my opinion; everyone knows it.

Even Yoda.

All  spanking new binders come with inserts ranging from,  Heck yeah!  to flat-out baffling.   

It won't be long before you need a separate Filofax just to store these random sheets.  Self-perpetuating marketing, don't you think?

The only solutions  are to give them to someone else, store them forever (or until they recycle themselves back to pulp), find a use for them or throw them away which I hesitated adding; no one does that.

Although... Running them through a paper shredder to make Filo-fetti sounds kind of fun (Think: Filo-fetti fight at a meet-up).

Filo-fetti aside, most are stored permanently.   Since I can't bring myself to pitch them I opted for finding alternative uses.

I do a lot of to-doing but the Filofax To Do sheets don't work for me so what to do? What to do?

I put them here.

I have a section called lists; it's very random.  It holds my craft ideas, wish lists, books I want to read, gratitude list and a page with all those Computer codes I need to remember but can't (Product keys, program expiration dates,  warranty info but no passwords, don't write them).  Now, I need more then one page for my craft section and wish lists but the other stuff amounts to a page.

The Filofax To Do sheets are PERFECT for the other stuff in there.  They are divided but unlined so I use a section per item.  Here's an example:

filofax todo sheets

That's my Book Wish List and I can fit all the info into the sections.  When I get something on the list I tick off the box on the right.   At $4.50 for 25 sheets they are crazy-expensive if you're to-doing on them but as a general list sheet they are almost economical.

The Swedish Activity Sheet Ref. 723007 is an interesting insert.

filo insert

At 35.00 Swedish Krona  ($5.10 USD) plus shipping from the Arctic circle they are very costly.  They sat for a long time.

I got them with a Swedish Filofax ...

filofax activity sheet

And they fold out.  

I use them for my wish lists and craft ideas (inspirations, new ideas and as a place to write coupon codes for craft sites).

craft sheets

The fold out feature gives you a large area to play with.

craft sheets

... Making it the perfect canvas for a Washi Tape Fest.

All of these solutions work great for me but I'd love other ideas.   If any one uses these baffling inserts for something else and it works brilliantly - Let me know.


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Josh 3/18/12, 4:44 PM  

Yeah, Yoda knows. You will be indeed.

I have an enormous pile of personal size paper. Part of my problem is buying a whole year's diary insert just to try it out for a few weeks. Maddening.

I like those swede foldouts. Very cool.

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