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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Scaping Question, yet again

Last September I did a post called I'm scaping the bottom of the barrel. It was about my lack of table and other scaping skills.  

I asked for help with this shelving unit.

You guys came through.

The responses were so helpful, and to some degree similar.  You're all so smart!  You felt I  was missing height,  odd numbers of items, and a bit of random falala... You were 100% right.

I've added a few more things to Pyrex-scape since then but have been adjusting based on your advice and...  

VoilĂ , y'all!

kitchen shelves pyrex 

Height,  in the form of stacking, added the  je ne sais quoi my original Pyrex Diorama was sorely lacking.  And a bit of asymmetry added a lot of visual interest. As you can see Ginger is unimpressed but I think it's tres fabuleax!  

Now. As for these..

squiggle ware 

My new Squiggle Ware Pots and Pans...

squiggle ware pots

I put those retro puppies on top and I totally love them but...

kitchen shelves

I don't think  they look very good  hanging up there on the top shelf and scaping those is harder.  They are big, bulky, and oddly shaped.  

 Maybe I need height with them? I could stack a few cookbooks and set the back aqua dutch oven on top....  I dunno.  I just dunno. 

Since you helped so much last time I thought I'd throw my scaping question out to you again...  What in the world should I do with the Squiggle Ware?


Miri 3/1/12, 9:06 AM  

I just love your orange and aqua Pyrex and the display is terrific.
About the top: maybe use only some of the pieces at a time and change them up to suit your mood.

LV 3/1/12, 10:14 AM  

Looks like you got it all figured out. Looks great.

Lin 3/1/12, 8:14 PM  

I dunno...I just keep focusing on Ginger eating her dinner!

Vonlipi 3/1/12, 8:44 PM  

Ginger is the cutest!

Not to rain on your retro parade....but there's too much stuff on that shelf. Maybe you should rotate.

That squigly pan need to be either on different shelves or at different heights.

After that I'm stumped!

Tara Beaulieu 3/3/12, 6:48 PM  

Okay here's my 2 cents:

Put the cookbooks on the top shelf, maybe with the spines turned outward so they can be read and the colors on them show. Flank the books with a small piece of pyrex on each side. Maybe the white bowl and pink fridgie?

Then put pots on the next two shelves:

Do one turquoise and one pink pot together and mix them in with some coordinating pyrex- the gooseberry and your leaf patterned turq casserole- (wth pattern is that? it's awesome!)

Then the other turquoise and the yellow pot with your snowflake divided pyex and the blue heaven dishes. and for heaven's sake (pun intended!) use a tuna can in between the two blue heaven bowls to lift the inner bowl up above the pattern so the paint doesn't get scratched! :)

I've been slacking. I've nearly doubled my pyrex intake since the last time I photographed and blogged it. I need to step up!

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