The Crazy Suburban Mom: Pyrex scaping.... Again.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pyrex scaping.... Again.

Still working on this (first attempts here and here) and really appreciate all the suggestions... I think I followed them.


Cleared some things and tuna cans added!

pyrex scaping

Moved some stuff so it isn't as cluttery.  I think anyway.

pyrex scaping 2

I moved the squiggle ware to an entirely different place

squiggle ware

What do you guys think about how they look here?  Oh and PS - Where should I put these teeny little Florida spoons...

Oh. And these too...

I found three of them but the big one was a hot mess so I didn't buy it.

I don't have room for them but couldn't resist!  Vintage aqua pyrex makes my heart beat faster...


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