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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Organ!zed: New uses for old things - Ice bucket

 I've gotten rid of a lot of things in the last few years; things I miss (like my crock pot) and others that I don't even know are gone.  When you don't have much storage or counter space you have to balance what you want and what you need.

 I still do slow cooking but I do it in the oven.  I think the food comes out better although it's not as easy and I wouldn't leave the house with my oven on...

I try to manage with items that are multipurpose; an example is my ice bucket.

I bought a very large, stainless steel ice bucket so between uses it could store my cooking utensils.  It's a prefect solution for me;  there's a place to store all my random spatulas, ladles, can openers, whisks...  all that awkwardly sized kitcheny clutter and for parties I use it for ice.

Because it's constantly in use I don't have to store an ice bucket which is good because I don't have the room and I don't need a drawer for the utensilage.

Also good because I don't have a free one.


Amy 3/22/12, 10:22 AM  

LOL...repurposing is my best friend. I'm always using something that is to be used for one purpose for another until I need it for the original purpose. (You follow that?) :) I like that ice bucket, by the way. I've always wanted a stainless steel one. :)

Tara Beaulieu 3/22/12, 11:30 AM  

Double duty is the name of the game in my house too. Space is at a premium so we have to find things that serve more than one purpose.

The art of attractively stacking very high also comes in handy ;)

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