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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Organ!zed: More new uses for old things.

In my powder room I have a liquid soap dispenser but some people like bar soap.  I do have a dish of little square soaps but they are for smelling up the room; not washing.  Since no one's ever washed with them my hands off the bar soap policy must be obvious. 

Today I rethought that, why not offer bar soap?

Problem was, no soap dish and I didn't want to go out and buy one.  They are over-priced for what they are; a place where soap can dry instead of turning to goo.   

I looked around and found two perfect solutions; one for a single bar and one for the rest.

Any idea what this is?

How about this view, does it help?

It's the glass top from a jar candle with the white plastic ring insert removed. Oh! And a few glass stones to aid in the not turning to goo thing.

The other thing's easier.

 It's the lid from a Pyrex refrigerator dish!   I have more lids then fridges and use the most perfect ones in the kitchen but that leaves me with random lids (Read: Clutter!).  Glad I found a use for them..  Um.  One of them.

I think it works, what do you think?


Josh 3/14/12, 12:03 AM  

Pretty snazzy!

Nancy 3/14/12, 11:34 AM  

Cool look. White stones also work well and don't show the soap as much (if you have white soap!.

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