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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Miss Finch's backside...

I emptied my Filofaxes on Monday to do a Ring Mechanism Comparison and figured I'd take Miss Finch out for spin, she looked so forlorn and unloved up there on the shelf.  


There are certain things I really like about Miss Finch.  What she lacks in ring size she makes up for in pockets,  slots, and general stashabliosity.   Her front has many varied cubbies.

front cover filofax

The biggest slot has my address book, I could transfer everything to a phone/address section but it's a small book and doesn't take much room.  The zipper pocket has random receipts, coupons and a perfume sample; Miss Finch is all about smelling pretty.  

The short credit card pockets are for things like Gift Cards, reinforcements for page tears (called Page Dots), and I hang my paper clips there.   

There is a second long pocket above the card slots that I tend not to use, if I stuff Ms. Finch too much she has to lay down to zip her jeans.

back cover finchley a5

I've read a few posts about Ms. Finch's backside (that just sounds wrong) and the people who don't use the lined pad seem to hate that big see-throughish pocket.    I don't use that pad either, a pad of paper in a binder full of paper seems kind of redundant to me but I love Ms. Finch's backside (... just wrong).   The large see throughish pocket is perfect for to-dos I need to tackle. 

filofax back pocket

I put letters, bills, inquires, prescriptions back there; things I need to tend to or  snail mail.  What needs to be done very soon I tag with an urgent sicker.

There is a long side slash pocket that I find really useful ( Mr. Malden doesn't have one).  It took me a long time to figure out what to do with it but once I did, what I thought of the design as a whole took a giant leap forward.

midori insert in back of filofax

This pocket can fit an entire Midori Traveler's Notebook but I usually just stick individual inserts back there.  As you can see they fit perfectly.

This insert is the Two Month Undated calendar and it's a great thing to have.  If' you're unsatisfied with regular calendar pages definitely give this a look-see.

Another insert suggestion is the Kraft Paper, I love it for general doodleage. 
*Photo from The Journal Shop

Design-wise the pockets would be (much) more useful if a few of them were gusseted, that said the more you stuff them the less room you have for regular ringed pages so it's a Catch-22. 

  I'd rather the rings be bigger ( I'd really rather this...)  But the pockets do make the A5 Finchly usable, even desirable, to me.

In closing, if you too have an A5 Finchley go tell her she's desirable and stick some perfume down her front, she'll like that.


Josh 3/21/12, 8:59 PM  

I like that Miss. Finch's backside is swaddled in transparent nylon. Very appropriate.

I agree on the rings. Now that I've moved into 1 and a quarter inchers I don't think I can ever go back to 7/8 inch. Too small. Too many sacrifices.

Juan manages to work in 3/5 inch in the slimline, but he only has week on two pages and some receipts in there.

Tracy Reinhardt 3/22/12, 10:18 AM  

The big ringed binders are fabulous! I dont think I could use a slimline then again, for what he has in there I'm sure it's perfect! And lighter then mine!

krissydawn16 3/24/12, 7:19 AM  

I love finchley's and I LOVE purple. I have a personal sized red one that I havent been using to it's full potential-- your post makes me wonder if I would use the A5 more because of all the cubbies!!

Anonymous,  3/24/12, 10:28 AM  

You are the 2nd person I've seen upset that the Malden doesn't have a back slip pocket. I just acquired a Antique Pink Malden (whatever they call that color, I LOVE it) and it has a full length slip pocket in the back as well as in the front. Also has the tablet pocket and credit card and zipper pockets in the front. Very handy! Right now I'm using monthly tabs; however, most years I buy a month only pocket calendar and slip that in a pocket in the binder cover instead of using monthly tabs which take up a lot of room on the rings.

Tracy Reinhardt 3/24/12, 2:25 PM  

Krissydawn, I found the personal size too cramping because I write a lot. That said, my old personal portland is my favorite filofax - hands down. But I couldn't make it work because of the size --- It is easier to carry around though

Tracy Reinhardt 3/24/12, 2:27 PM  

Forever new - It has the pocket across the back top but not one down the side. If you have both in an a5, I'm jealous!

Anonymous,  3/24/12, 3:20 PM  

Tracy, my bad. I didn't realize yours was an A5---I can't always tell from the photos. My Malden is personal size. I think it's great you're giving "finch" a chance -- she looks beautiful with all your fancy paper clips.

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