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Friday, March 23, 2012

Lord Byron: On ink

The Seventeenth century poet Lord Byron once wrote: 

                                 SHE walks in beauty, like the night
                               Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
                                 And all that 's best of dark and bright
                         Meet in her aspect and her eyes:

Since there were no computers or retractable glitter gel pans at the time, he must have known a metric flapdoodle about fountain pens - And ink.   

Alas, there was no YouTube at the time; so no ink reviews from Lord Byron exist, but there is a quote:

"But words are things, and a small drop of ink, falling like dew, upon a thought, produces that which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think. "

Such a lovely thing, to write so poetically about the power of ink, and putting pen to paper.  He seemed to consider ink an extension of himself.

Made me want to break out my pens and drop some dew.

clairfontaine paper ink

The sample was written with a Pilot Parallel pen and the orange cartridge and a Lamy Safari ( with a converter )  using De Atramentis in Pigeon Blue.   I didn't achieve the poetic level of Lord Byron but he was right, it did make me think.  

clairfontaine back

The sample was written on Clairfontaine paper and the back looks great.  The paper took the ink well although a little drying time was invovled. 

 Once dry, the ink and paper took highlighter well.

clairfontaine paper ink

I tried the same on Filofax Inserts, adding a few more of my favorite pens.

ink samples

These inserts seem a bit heavier then date pages.  They have a smooth surface like (but not as good as) the Clairfontaine paper.   The pages took color similarly although the Clairfontaine paper seems a scoochy bit more vibrant.  That said, if I wasn't staring at both of them I would never notice.

ink samples back filofax paper

The real difference is the back side of the paper.

The flip side of the filofax page was a hot mess from the Pilot Parallel.  The pilot nib is 1.5 and larger then the Lamy (1.1) nib so that accounts for some of it but all the inks shadowed to one extent or another...  Even my beloved Signo 207s showed through a little.  I use the Signo pens everyday and I'm used (resigned) to it.  

The interesting thing is the Lamy shadows about the same as gel pens which makes the 1.1 Lamy nib a good option for Filofax Paper - Good to know.

Ink on Clairfontaine walks in beauty like the night but the same can't be said for Filofax paper; which is more akin to tromping on paper in combat boots - leaving a hot mess behind.

*Both the Pilot Parallel and Lamy Safari are smooth writers, the Pilot edging a bit better but this could be due to the larger nib size.  I've found with the Lamy,  ink formulation matters.  Ink with less body to it writes scratchier so if you find the Lamy nib scractchy it might not be the pen itself, but the ink.*


Amy 3/23/12, 10:03 AM  

I'm a fellow penophile and I love your posts about pens! I'm always on a quest for the best pen, and your posts are very helpful! :) I'm in the market for something's been awhile since I bought a new pen. I'm going through withdrawal! :)

Tracy Reinhardt 3/23/12, 3:52 PM  

Amy, I'm a pen hoarder.... can't help myself!

LJ 3/24/12, 2:44 AM  

Love the pigeon blue ink... I wish I could write with a fountain pen. Maybe I just haven't ever tried the right one *sigh*

Tracy Reinhardt 3/24/12, 2:29 PM  

LJ, some fountain pens are more user friendly then others, for sure. There are also student models that might be good to try and there are a few good ones for less then 10$ (a few under $5~) so if it doesnt work out you could give it away...

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