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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The laws of physics applied to Filofax

I had a whole Twitter conflab last night with @aspire_to_be  and   about going back to my Personal Portland Filofax.  Aspire asked if I carried around my A5, yes I do which is a bit of a haul seeing that it weighs roughly the same as my dog here...

Who weighs about the same as two concrete cinder blocks (almost 80 pounds).  So while there is room in my purse for said blocks, keeping them in there is an entirely different matter. I usually hold it and have forgotten it twice at appointments.  

Josh reminded me I thought the personal size was too small and he's right, it's never worked for me.  I ended the convo to go to sleep but keep thinking about it.   

At about Ridiculous o'clock I did a complex series of physics calculations to see if I could make it work (see below)...

And as you can tell the answer is ...  Dunno.

But I started adding things to it this morning anyway because I had a million things to do and playing with my Filofax seemed way funner.

portland personal filofax

I cut my Clairfontaine paper to fit.

Josh is right about the space.  My hand bangs the rings but I marched on...

To Staples where this:

BeFunky Cross Process 1 on iPhone


BeFunky Cross Process 1 on iPhone


BeFunky Grunge 3 on iPhone

  Filotabulous dividers.    

They are A5 sized but the holes are off for Filofax binders (so what else is new?)  They would work in an A5 if you tape over the exiting holes and re-punch them.  

You don't have to do the tape thing but  it will look like a hot mess if you don't.  

BeFunky TiltShift on iPhone

I think they are very pretty. You can't see me but I'm jumping up and down and clapping my hands over them.  Cut down to personal sized they are perfect, don't you think?  I lost one due to size but I'm sure I'll find something to do with it.  These are the paper dividers ($4.99, a bargain). 

 I also got the plastic ones, no idea know why.  Office supply feeding-frenzy or something...

BeFunky Violet on iPhone

I added these to the front divider...

BeFunky Instant 2 on iPhone

And gave myself a launch pad.

BeFunky LomoArt 1 on iPhone

As I'm sure you could tell by the math; there were fractions left over but I can probably use them for something else and if not, oh well.  It's still worth it.

That's as far as I got with my change over, math gives me a migraine.  I  need to figure a way to transfer the rest of the pages, info, and assorted froth into a smaller footprint plus see if I can work out the writing space issue.

Stand by for more Frankenfilo updates...

And migraines.


Josh 3/28/12, 7:53 PM  

Looks like a fun project! I never tried an A5 but my feeling is that they are just too big to haul around. I would likely put the darn thing down somewhere and forget it. Personal is small enough that it can just stay in my hand or on my lap all the time, or I drop it into my bag.

I really need to get a papercutter. I like Terri's.

I see that Ventura is still partying like it's 1999. Good for him!

terriknits 3/29/12, 12:41 AM  

Great post, Tracy! I saw some of the Martha stuff in Staples, but I haven't given it a good look over yet.

I am so happy with my A5, both work and personal, but I do look fondly at my personal Filos, too. I'll think of something to do with them.

Tracy Reinhardt 3/29/12, 9:24 AM  

Josh, He sleeps like that. Its his normal look. LOL! I did put it down and leave it, twice. So I thought Id give the smaller one a try - thing is some things won't fit and I know it - I'm just not sure I need to carry those things around, like my craft stuff. I love my paper cutter. Its a big one but it's perfect. Have had it forever and am so glad.

Terri, thanks! The martha stuff is very nice. I love the look of the notebooks but the paper in them is pretty standard. The dividers on the other hand are very nice, there are some dry erase magnetic boards that are pretty great and other tabs and tags that are pretty fab too. Labels also. The post its for the agenda are a toss up, fit in a filo but didnt hold up well but are pretty. All in all a very nice collection with some hits and some misses. More hits though

SNARLing: 3/31/12, 9:15 AM  

heh heh. I'm so glad that you blog and share with readers like me. I'm also thinking about downsizing - to pocket though. why I don't know as my system works great right now. but that's what Filofaxes are for wouldn't you say as long as you whore with their own they don't seem to mind much

Tracy Reinhardt 3/31/12, 11:07 AM  

Snarling, LOL, so true! Sometimes I change things becuase its not working, other times I'm just playing with it and stumble on something wonderful. Either makes me happy!

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