The Crazy Suburban Mom: Have you twaddled up your Filofax?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Have you twaddled up your Filofax?

My Mobile Junk Drawer (Filofax refers to it as a Zip-lock envelope) carries a number of bizarre, some would say useless, things.  


I had two zips but went down to one because, really...  How many canceled stamps, old Broadway tickets, and used labels does one need....  Which is a trick question because  I think I'd quite enjoy a Filofax filled with nothing but stuffed-to-busting zip envelopes.  

I do realize that defeats the purpose of the whole thing; no one needs to carry a scrapbook 24/7 and hey!  I carry a purse that, if full, would hurt me.  I got plenty of space for bits of twaddle in there...

Am I alone in this obsession?  Am I the only person carrying all manner of outlandish falala and hooey in something meant to simplify or has your Filofax transformed into a be-ringed  tchotchke holder,  too?

Here's some things that survived the zip cut.




Money I can't use...

box folded

Maybe the strangest thing; an unmade box.

I have an explanation though; I'm a glass-half-full sort of person. My family finds my desire to find the positive in all situations annoying; optimism being a drag when you're not done complaining.

I get it, I just can't help it.

The word  optimism come from the Latin, optimum - Which means best.  Optimism is expecting the best outcome in all situations.  

That said, I have bad days.  Days I don't have the time, room, or energy for one more thing, good or bad.

filofax box

That's why I carry the makings of a box; to remind me that no matter what, I always have space for one more good thing.

And a place to put it.

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Steve Morton 3/11/12, 5:24 AM  


Tracy Reinhardt 3/11/12, 7:54 AM  

Steve, I like to carry money with me and my family had euros for the trip! I had no idea the smallest bill was a 5, the rest is in coins?

Don't you end up with a lot of heavy change from time to time??


subgirl 3/17/12, 1:39 PM  

hee just ran across this from a pholofaxy roundup. I have a Qatar bill in mine, among other stuff. :)

Anita 3/17/12, 1:40 PM  

I love your box explanation & am always looking for the positive side in life. Just looked through my envelope - receipts, the Fool tarot card & an envelope with the 8x tables on :)

Tracy Reinhardt 3/17/12, 2:33 PM  

subgirl, I have another bill in there too. Somewhere in the middle east too!

Anita - isn't it amazing what collects? I just love looking at it all... I think it's some sort of filofax hoarding defect:)

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