The Crazy Suburban Mom: For your Oscar consideration, What's in my Filofax

Friday, March 2, 2012

For your Oscar consideration, What's in my Filofax

My Filofax in motion...

It's my first video and a total Ummm-fest. It's pretty awful - Sorry about that, I'll do better if I do another.


Ray Blake 3/2/12, 11:27 AM  

"Stickered to within an inch of their lives" - love it.

lee 3/2/12, 5:03 PM  

your filofax has many more stickers than mine. my husband makes fun of mine- he calls it kindergarden fun time!

it would fit great in a prima miche bag...


The Perpetual Student TPS 3/2/12, 5:21 PM  

I LOVE your filofax!!! I love the to-do sheets, and the dividers, and the colourfulness, and the stickers... :D

terriknits 3/2/12, 10:38 PM  

ummm,I'm going to come back tomorrow and watch this - looks great! Does that have the 25 mm rings or the 30?

Sandra 3/2/12, 11:22 PM  

Your video is a lovely view into an obvious labor of love. Thanks for inviting us into your Filofax!

Tracy Reinhardt 3/3/12, 1:58 AM  

Ray, :) Inches and ruler just go together

Lee, you are so right about the miche!

Perpetual Student - Thank you so much! It's cheery with the colors and sticker!

terri - They are 30 although some were initially made with 25 by accident.

Sandra - Thank you!

Steve Morton 3/3/12, 4:30 PM  

Just checked my grey A5 Malden... and the left hand pen loop on mine is also bigger than the right hand one.

I hadn't noticed this until you mentioned it in your video...


Tracy Reinhardt 3/3/12, 6:19 PM  

Steve, The only reason I noticed is because the pens I tend to carry are thick - I normally use the back cover loop as the primary loop and I assumed none of the pens fit. I guess thats the one I go to first because it's right there when the filos open. It was just last week or so that I realized they were different sizes - I didnt know why and thought it was a fluke but if yours are like that too it must be intentional so that you can carry thick pens and thin pens without stretching out the loops... Gives you an option and the ability to always fit a thin one.

terriknits 3/3/12, 9:58 PM  

The pen loops on my A5 Cuban are the same - one is bigger than the other for some reason. Is it by design, or just fluctuations in production?

Tracy Reinhardt 3/4/12, 6:55 AM  

after hearing from you and steve I think its a design thing they don't mention - that way you can carry a thick pen and a thin one with out stretching out the loops

Steve Morton 3/4/12, 7:20 AM  

Well we learn something new about the design of these organisers every day!

Sandra 3/6/12, 7:52 PM  

I want an adequately pseudo-Bedazzled Filofax! Waa!

Lord Dodo 3/7/12, 5:42 AM  

Wow, what an amazing Filofax!! So colourful and creative and stickered! (we love stickers too... :)) - I might be the publisher of the Dodo Pad diary, but I too use an A5 Filofax (and use the Dodo Pad A5 diary insert of course!!) and you've just confirmed that the pen loop sizes are different (which I thought was a mistake originally) and from all the comments here I too now think it was intentional. Maybe one day I will share me Filofax... If you fancy trying our diary (which I think you might well like) then please let me know.


Tracy Reinhardt 3/7/12, 9:00 PM  

Lord Dodo, I'm honored :) Emailed you

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