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Friday, March 30, 2012

Aristotle: On Filofax Rulers

Switching over to my Personal Portland has been a bit of a chore but between migraines, I'm making progress.   It certainly is easier to carry and when I needed an address yesterday I reached in my purse and whipped it out.  Doing that with my A5 was a lot like pulling  out an Atlas... Or maybe a tooth.

My main change-over problem is I carried so much in my A5 I don't have near the accessories needed to  know if a personal size will work for me. 

 I worked out the divider issue after going to Staples  and also found zip pockets there by Day Runner.  The nice thing about them is they are soft vinyl, easy to open, and get into.  I prefer soft translucent vinyl  pouches over the harder clear stuff which gets more brittle and harder to deal with, with age (don't we all?) The Day Runner pouches come in a 2-pack for $5.99 ( a bargain compared to  $7 for a Filofax pouch, singular.)

Dividers: Check
Pouches: Check
Rulers...  No check.

I find the Filofax rulers a tad expensive  and on the wrong side of attractive; how they managed to make basic black - a total fashion classic - blah, I'll never know. The clear ones are not much better albeit they are more unobtrusive.

Yesterday, between migraine auras, I gave some thought to the whole ruler thing; when do I measure anything anyway? I only came up with one time and it was last week when I measured the Filofax rings for a post.

Aristotle (The Greek philosopher,  student of Plato and teacher to Alexander the Great)  said of Filofax rulers, He who is to be a good ruler must have first been ruled.

Okay,  he wasn't really talking about the bookmarky rulers in your Filofax but think about it; shouldn't a ruler be something that ...rules? And if it doesn't whats the point?  Aristotle wouldn't think kindly on the Filofax rulers; mere place cards, flitting day to day, neither rulers or ruled.

My head was really slamming by now so I decided to lay down with something cold over my eyes...

cold pack

And had a revelation.

I don't need a ruler, I need a place holder, a bookmark.  But ...what?  My headache was getting worse and I was out of Aleve so I went to CVS and because drug stores have everything from drugs to Pajama Jeans, the Aleve was hard to find. I had to walk every aisle.

Turned out to be a good thing.  As I wandered around in search of pain medicine I found my bookmark!

pencil case

It's a plastic pencil case made of roughly the same stuff as the Filofax Rulers, it cost a dollar and would net me more then one.  Couldn't decide it I wanted to use  the purple outside or the clear inside but the whole thing was a breeze to make. 

 I hacked the thing apart, used my paper cutter, an emery board to smooth the edges, my hole punch (and scissor to snip the holes so you can re-position it) and some rub on transfers.

homemade filo ruler

I have a tear in my eye, it's so beautiful.

It's a little hard to see, maybe this picture is better...


Problem is, I was so excited to find the pencil case I forgot all about the Aleve.  I went for my cold pack again but then looked at that and thought, could I do that?

And yep, I could. I turned the vinyl cold pack case into a pencil holder which is great because while some of my pens fit the A5 loops, none of them fit in the personal loops.  

Stay tuned for more inserts..

And migraines.


Nancy 3/31/12, 12:05 AM  

Oh my gosh! Brilliant! We filofanatix are an inventive group! And I can't believe I'm the first to leave a comment! I'm sure many read along and left in a blissful state of silent admiration. People, people, leave a comment, bloggers love comments!! Hope your migraines have receded (although they do seem to have sparked an inventive streak... correlation?).

Nancy 3/31/12, 12:08 AM  

BTW, I forgot to say that I'm using more and more of the plastic, transparent 'cover sheets' that come with every new FF (right at the front), for dividers. I just stick an Avery tab (not a post-it tab!) at the top or side and also cut slits from the holes to the rings so I can move them around without opening the ring. Also makes for a non-bumpy writing surface. However, your divider is more sturdy and grip-able.

LJ 3/31/12, 12:45 AM  

Love these - so beautiful. I have some bookmarks from paperchase waiting for me to punch holes in :o)

kanalt 3/31/12, 10:30 AM  

This is awesome! I've never had an issue with the Filofax Today marker. I use a clear one in my monthly pages and a black one in my daily pages. However, now that I have seen what a page marker could be, I'm looking around my house to see what I might be able to use...

Thanks for sharing!

Tracy Reinhardt 3/31/12, 11:05 AM  

Nancy, you are so sweet - what you said about comments was so nice. I wonder sometimes if people are reading! I do work really hard on the posts they seriously take me hours and sometimes days of thought and then "crickets"... LOL! So thank you so much for commenting, it really means so much! The migraines are clumpish. And not as bad as some peoples - I get the auras and side effects and they last for days but the actual headache doesnt require anything more then normal non-prescription pain meds. I agree about the fly leafs bu the way - I think they are very useful and take every one I have from every size and use.

LJ - exactly~ Why not???

kanalt -I have a few thoughts on using other things as well, I will probably do another post. I think there is a ton of stuff you can recycle into bookmarks.

doris98 3/31/12, 8:49 PM  

Lovely idea! I did the same thing cause I don't like the Filo rulers covering up part of the page, and stuck stickers on the top so I can see them easily. Your rulers are so cute!

Lord Dodo 4/3/12, 6:46 AM  

Hi Tracy - I am really beginning to enjoy the Filofax hacks that pop up - our very own 2013 Dodo Pad diary for the Personal Organiser has been seriously improved due to such a hack by a UK 'filofanatic' a few weeks back :)

I read about your ruler (which I love - it is SO pretty :)) and checked to see if any of our own Dodividers could be made to fit. And yes, one of them does fit the Personal Size rings! With a few of those you could have a whole series of dividers that can be moved around. Involves a bit of a hack but that is half the fun!

Let me know if you want details!

PS. Did our little package get to you yet?....

Tracy Reinhardt 4/3/12, 8:13 AM  

Lord Dodo, I thought I'd have the package by now, but no, not yet. I thought maybe you hadn't sent it yet but I guess the mail is a bit slow.

I can't wait to get it and play. Like you said, that is half the fun!

And absolutely, any details to customize would be welcome!

Songbird68 8/13/12, 3:53 AM  

Tracy, as for "crickets" on your posts, rest assured that some of us (ok, me) are addicted to your blog and videos!!! I originally found you on YouTube, and then found your blog, and I can't stop. Talk about enabling!! LOL

I love your bookmark hack. I love all your hacks. You are so creative and I love when you use things in unconventional ways. I've never really been much of a crafty/arty/creative type, but after making my very first pretty Filo divider out of craft paper and couple glittery butterfly stickers, I think I could get the hang of it.

I also love your posts on vintage ads. So much fabulousness here!

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