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Sunday, February 12, 2012

You are a beautiful thing

Writing is, sadly, all but lost in the daily lives of many people.  Sadly because when you sit in front of a blank sheet of paper and then fill the space; what you say, how you say it, even the pen you choose becomes part of the story.  You, become part of the story.

A record can be kept electronically but memory is a living thing, deserving of preservation and care. 


Write something about yourself today, you are a beautiful thing.


Amy 2/12/12, 2:30 PM  

Very sweet. And, a great reminder to pull out my journal today!

Josh 2/12/12, 3:03 PM  

I have been writing a good deal lately. Both in a journal and in letters I've sent out to many friends. I was a big letter writer when I was younger, I find it sad now that folks just don't write back. People who used to be so reliable about writing back have left my recent letters unanswered for months. Or reply via a very brief text message or such. I enjoy the process of writing, both handwriting and clacking away on the typewriter. I find something pleasing about the tangible nature and the way it is so much more personal in that your handwriting or your typewriter is unique.

Susanne Namdar 2/12/12, 10:56 PM  

I stated my journal again in July 2011 after many many years. And I write draw, paste pictures etc. That sweet man is so right. Everyone should keep one.

Lin 2/12/12, 11:27 PM  

Does my blog count?

Dang, he was cute, wasn't he?

Tracy Reinhardt 2/13/12, 9:10 AM  

Amy, that's exactly how I felt.

Josh, I agree with you and it is sad. And people should write back, even to send a card... it's just the thing to do. Manners, what happened to them?

Susanne, I wish I'd always kept one.

Lin, He's adorable, and so sweet. I can't help but smile at the end of that video!

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