The Crazy Suburban Mom: True Story, indeed.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

True Story, indeed.

While I sit out my dental issues, I decided to flip though my old magazines for a giggle.  Haven't done a lot of giggling lately.

There was a fashion spread in one...

gilley ties 

This wasn't too, too bad.  I kinda like it but -  Those shoes! Gilley ties never made it out of the 70's.

They did make me giggle, though.

ugliest bathing suit

I call this picture: The most unfortunate bathing suit ever.  What is it, pea green chenille?

Truly unfortunate shoes...

And speaking of shoes, what is with these?  I know every decade has it faux pas but these are egregious. 

Those shoes made my face hurt more.

hamburger pagoda

Moving on to recipes...  The obligatory recipe spread on building with some sort of meat, here's the hamburger pagoda.

I have one True Story Magazine.

True Story Magazine cover

According to Wiki - True Story was an American magazine published by Dorchester Publishing. It was the first of the confessions magazines genre, having launched in 1919. 

... Must have had the same sordid -way,way TMI -  appeal as reality TV shows do now.

bell phone ad

Some ads were great; what I wouldn't do for that phone but the ads soon deteriorated into a mayhem of cheese.

maggiage counsellor

A marriage counselor pedaling douche, oddly common.

sin in the suburbs

The stories are tamer then the pictures indicate...


Sin in the Suburbs, indeed.


I had enough housewives gone bad, so I went back to ads...


Bad idea.  

Apparently there was a lot of membrane itching among it's readership.

pinworm ad

And other things...

I did some further research on this, couldn't help myself.  According to the  National Museum of American History, Jayne's PW was Gentian Violet, a stain.

 Besides  it not being that effective; when you used it everyone in the neighborhood knew your worm status as soon as they saw bright purple-stained underpants swinging on the clothes line.  

An amusing visual really...

As to Dr. Jayne, an interesting guy:  Few patent medicine companies can claim to be as successful and long lived as the line of Dr. Jayne's Family Medicines.

 Dr. David Jayne was a pioneer in the field of proprietary medicine and built a business empire that was to last over 100 years.

Time to take some non-Dr. Jayne  meds, this all gave me a whopping pain.


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