The Crazy Suburban Mom: Thrifted Sweater Project, à deux

Monday, February 13, 2012

Thrifted Sweater Project, à deux

 I'm not sure how many things I can make from that one five dollar sweater but it was pretty big.  Well, before felting  it was...

I blogged about in the first project in the  Wool Gathering post.

fingerless gloves

The first pair were very easy.  I cut the sleeve to the length I wanted and used the sweater's natural cuff as one end.   The last step was simple embroidery done in wool yarn.

The second project is another pair of fingerless gloves.  These started as a flat rectangle of cut wool (as opposed to using the sweater's natural sleeve).  I hand sewed the edges together using wool yarn so the glove became a solid piece on re-felting.  

When sewing the seam I left an area open for my thumb, sewed on some vintage buttons that "go but don't match" and I'm aflutter over them.

Could be I like them more then the first ones...

recycled sweater project, fingerless gloves

Yep, I do.  I'm sure I like them best.

The thumb hole works great, I was worried that would make the gloves look like a craft project; uneven and wacky but nope.  It's great.  Measuring probably helped, a pattern would have been even better but I work organically.  

recycled sweater project, fingerless gloves  felted with vintage buttons

And I love the vintage buttons.  

They look great, are VERY warm, and I love being able to use some of the cool singles I've collected.

Stay tuned for  Thrifted Sweater Project #3!


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