The Crazy Suburban Mom: Son of my Fine Leather Goods Obsession or What's in My Longchamp?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Son of my Fine Leather Goods Obsession or What's in My Longchamp?

In January I posted about a problem I developed with Fine Leather Goods; I blamed it on Filofax.  In all fairness, Filofax isn't to blame; I've had purse issues forevah.  For example, my Longchamp bag predated my recently accumulated  Filofaxi  by a good year.  

If you haven't heard of a  Longchamp; it's a French luxury leather goods company founded in 1948.  In 1993, they introduced the Le Pliage line. Huge success not only in France but worldwide.   Considering what quality name bags go for, these are doable - with Birthday money in my case,  Le Pliage bags run $88 to $155 depending on size.  

My Longchamp LM métal is part of the Le Pliage line.  Mine's  the biggest size before it's defaults to luggage.   Fabutasmic color too, Pinky Gold.  

Whats in my Longchamp

 Longchamp describes the Métal  line as: The most luminous expression of the LM (Longchamp Maroquinerie) range. Designed in cotton fabric with an iridescent sheen, the tote bag, handbag and travel bag offer a style that is both chic and casual, perfect for summer. 

And the big size is big, look at it from the side.  

Longchamp from the side

I like that in a bag.

Whats in my Longchamp

The inside is positively reverberant, without my purse organizer the thing echos.

Whats in my Longchamp

Organized it just --  sings.

Whats in my Longchamp

My enormous wallet, A5 Filofax and all the pens an art class could want fit handily.

BeFunky Warming on iPhone

When closed it 's quietly elegant; no one knows there's all the stuff I mentioned plus enough colored pencils for a preschool, fingerless gloves, a camera, more make up then I need,  reading material, and assorted tech cords, in there.  

 No one knows what's in there at all.

BeFunky Warming on iPhone

Except Ventura.

He's about 6 inches away from downloading his weight in homemade dog cookies and  the ziploc bag they are in.  

That dog's nose is Einsteinean.


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