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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pens and Paper and Letters...

Got my Jetpens order the other day and danced around the living room yelling," My pens are here! My pens are here!" until my kid said, Geeze ma, I got friends over... 

Kids, right?

For those so far down techy rabbit hole they don't remember pens: Pens are  styluses with fun, liquid centers ...  Most of my new pens are Uniball Signo 207 pens in various colors with the odd scented, glittered, or kicky colored pen thrown in 'cause they just make life more fun.  

 Here's a complete clickable list of my purchases. 

They all write very smoothly, right from the beginning.  No scribbling back and forth a thousand times needed on a single one of them; I find that amazing.  The pens cost range was about a dollar to three and change, cheap.  Don't know if you've ever written with a standard  US branded dollar pen but it's not a peak experience.   Maybe Japanese brand pens, even inexpensive ones,  are constructed to enhance the writing experience.

pen trials

Thanks to Christa I have my beloved  Filofax Insert # 250186 to test the pens on.   The Uniball Signo pens wrote beautifully, no skipping, and the colors were vivid on every one.

pen trials 2

The Miffy  in 'Lavender Purple, is lovely and writes a nice, smooth, thin line ..And it smells Grapetastic.   I wasn't expecting much, the pen only cost $1.10 but it's TOO much fun.  It's considered a gel pen but it feels more like writing with a thin marker to me.  

uniball signo in rose

All the colors were great, some were amazing...

another todo shot

My to-do lists continue the march towards something closer to an art journal, closer and closer every day.


And I think I like it.


I didn't realize how much I missed writing, the physical act of writing until I got a Filofax and actually wrote something every single day.  


The pink glitter pen has more cool then it's dollar-ninety price tag would suggest.  You can see the glitter and it's fabulous but only  in some light.  That's the only draw back, when your words hit the right light it's magic, when they don't (the orange highlighted words) it looks grainy and not glittery.  

I've enjoyed all this pen to paper so much I  joined The Letter Writer's Alliance.

letter writers alliance

And just look at their welcome package.  I think there might be even  be more handwritten words in my near future.

And I think I like that, too.


The Perpetual Student TPS 2/25/12, 8:59 PM  

I love your to-do lists, they are so colourful!! Mine are so boring- I must try harder!! Learning so much from your blog :D

Tracy Reinhardt 2/25/12, 9:08 PM  

I didn't start out to do them that way, they've kind of evolved! I'll write something then stop and think about what to add next - All the while doodling on the paper. I sit with my list for a while in the morning or evening, sometimes both. It's kind of meditative actually - the way people describe zentangles - I think thats what this is to me only they are Filotangles :)

lee 2/27/12, 5:09 PM  

your grocery list made me thirsty for cream soda!

i am also jonesing for the miche bag giveaway. i am always looking for the perfect bag, as well as the perfect organizer. i am sure if the stars align just right, one day i will have both.

happy birthday- i know i'm early but i'm want to be first!


Babes Mami 2/27/12, 8:10 PM  

Chris and I frequently fight over pens!

Lin 2/27/12, 10:26 PM  

I LOVE a good pen. I don't get the lack of enthusiasm from the kid. Sheesh.

I see some stuff on your list that you are getting rid of. How are you doing with your loss? I think of you often. And then you beat my butt in Words with Friends and I don't remember to ask you how you are doing.


Carmen 3/3/12, 11:04 AM  

great post! and great order from jetpens! the envy!

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