The Crazy Suburban Mom: Naturopathica all-inclusive regimen results, I heart it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Naturopathica all-inclusive regimen results, I heart it.

My 30 day Naturopathica all-inclusive regimen try out is coming to a close.  Today I'm going to spotlight two products because I use them together...

 ...But first, the entire  kit I'm using contains a morning and evening cleanser, a daily moisturizer and a full sized Plant Stem Cell treatment ($48 on it's own and a pore-shrinking miracle that I wrote about here .)

After using the  Sweet Lupine Cleansing Cream and  Oat Facial Polish my face is clean, smooth and ready for some goodness.  My kit came with (a full size)  Plant Stem Cell Serum and the Vitamin C Revitalizing Complex.  

From the website ...

The Plant Stem Cell Serum is an ECOCERT certified organic concentrated serum, designed to significantly slow down the aging of cells due to inflammation caused by UVA photodamage and oxidative stress. 

How to use:  To maximize the effectiveness of the serum, “pulse” the botanicals by applying at the start of each season. Apply a pea size amount of serum to fingertips and massage into face and neck daily at night for 30 days. Repeat every 90 days.
The Vitamin C Revitalizing Complex is a powerful plant derived enzymatic antioxidant known for its ability to neutralize the highly reactive superoxide radical and slow down the signs of aging.

VITAMINS A, C & E: this blend of potent antioxidants helps to neutralize free radicals and protect skin from environmental assault.
How to use:  Apply a pea size amount to face morning and night.  May also be layered under your favorite Naturopathica moisturizer for increased hydration during colder months.
I love the smell of  Naturopathica  products, and these are no exception.  They all have a clean, herbal smell that says, SPA!  RELAX! BEAUTIFY!

I've used these two products for a month now and I'm VERY happy with the result.  My skin doesn't have the normal dry-flakies common in the winter or the February Blahs...  You know what I mean?  The way your skin looks when you've been inside too much?
And my make-up goes on a lot better, even with no moisturizer, after using these two products.  And I don't mean with a primer, I mean just these two products and that's huge for me because even with a primer before this 30 day trial if I didn't pick the exact right make-up and put it on in the exact right way, my skin looked a fright.  

I'm definitely happier looking in my make-up....  Oh, and without it too.  

*Naturopathica sent me the age defense kit to try for 30 days, my skin's opinion is it's own.*


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