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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nail Polish(es) of the Day, ICING Glimmer and After Party

I found an ICING store yesterday and since one can never have too much nail polish (or fake diamond earrings apparently) I went in.   ICING's parent company is Claire's but the vibe is mercifully different.  When I go into Claire's I feel like I'm being squeezed between the scintillating bands of a migraine aura.  

ICING is bright and colorful but without the frantic edge that sends me running  out the door searching my purse for Advil.

Claire's goes for the teens and tweens crowd while ICING has a higher price point and a more mature decor; boutiquey.   ICING does have a lot of merchandise but it's easy to navigate, Claire's looks like she has to lie down to zip her jeans...

When I say 'higher price point' it's relative, the nail polishes were $4.50, buy one get one half price.  Two polishes for $6.25 is less then many brands I consider inexpensive.

I had nine polishes in my little basket (Note: The  little --mesh/net-- baskets were fine for earrings but weebles when nail polish was in there.  They really need regular baskets.) but decided on two; Glimmer and After Party.    I didn't want to be stuck with a gaggle of polish  if I hated them but no worries, love them.

Glimmer looks like, hm...  You know when the sun shines on a beach and the sand sparkles like diamonds?  Well, that's Glimmer.  It's a sandy color, stuffed to busting with micro gold glitter.

Here is the bottle against a backdrop of my dog Ventura because everything looks better against a backdrop of my dog...

 icing nail polish glimmer

Glimmer does glimmer.

  icing nail polish glimmer

That is one coat.  Amazing coverage for a color like that, and so sparkly.  It's not the easiest polish to apply, it's bit thick but it dries VERY fast --  Incredibly fast.    All that micro-glitter gives the finish a sandy feel, you will probably want a top coat --  Personally that kind of gritty feeling drives me nuts.

It also has a matte finish but it's so shiny I didn't even notice that for hours.  

I put on a second coat and then decided to use the other color because you can never have too much cha-cha-cha.

icing glimmer and after party

OMGleamingGoodness!  With After Party and a top coat my nails were so bright they threw light prisms onto my palm...

glimmer and after party


icing glimmer and after party

It was hard to get a shot of  After Party that reflected all the colors but imagine dipping your fingers into a metallic foil rainbow and you'll get the idea.

I loved both of these colors.  Even though Glimmer was thick it dried very fast, because of that the application was a breeze.  After Party is as much fun as a bottle of nail polish can be and my nails are having more fun wearing it then I ever had at a party so, yeah.    Love them both.

The brush in Glimmer seems a little wider to me, it could be that the polish was thicker or maybe their brushes vary a bit.  I'm a fan of wide brushes so I liked it.

The nail color range is shimmery, glittery and bright  for the most part.  If you want tons of subtle neutrals - like nine off whites and seven versions of greige, although why would you?...  You won't find a lot in their line.  

As for me, I will be going back for the other seven polishes soon.  

Very, very soon.

Score:  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥1/2  out of five hearts

*Bought everything myself, ICING doesn't know me or my dog.*


Babes Mami 2/10/12, 1:23 PM  

Ooooo I think we have an ICING at our mall and I have been looking for the foily bits of stuff!

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