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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nail Polish of the Day, Pure Ice

I don't live near Walmart  so when I'm around one I go check the sales; in the past I've found some fabulous knock-around shirts for five dollars or less.  Say what you want about Walmart but when put up a CLEARANCE sign they mean it.

Last Saturday I found three tunics for four-fifty.  I always get a few sizes bigger because the shirts shrink quite a bit but as long as you account for that, no problem.

I also took a stroll down Nail Polish lane because I've seen great reviews on Pro-Fx Epoxy Bond Base Coat and it's only at Walmart.

I've yet to find it at a store.

But... I did find Pure Ice nail polish ( also available only at Walmart ).  I'd never seen it before,  the colors are great and it costs less then two dollars so - SOLD!    I had about nine of them in my cart and then thought I was getting carried away...  What if it's awful?   I scaled back to just these two...

Strip Tease

Heart Breaker

Both are scrumptious.  Strip Tease is glowier then it looks in the picture, almost like it's flashing duochrome raspberry along with Barbie pink.  It goes on light, but is build-able.  Heart Breaker is more of a top coat which really surprised me, it appears to be a dense color but it would take probably double digit coats to get the color in the bottle so I used them together.  

nail polish of the day

This is a fantastic combination.

nail closeup

Very mermaid if you ask me...

Heart breaker appears more flakie then  glitterish, which is a huge positive, and there is a real depth to it's appearance that I can't explain - or photograph.  It almost has a holographic appearance that intensifies as you add coats.

This polish is terrific.  I put it on Saturday and took the pictures this morning, five days later and it still looks perfect.  That's amazing for any polish but for a polish that cost $1.99 well, I'm in cuticle heaven.   And it feels hard.  I can't explain that but it just dries really hard.

And speaking of drying, it dried really fast, really, really fast.    I did use   Seche Vite  as a top coat but it wasn't needed to speed drying time.   Pure Ice polish might have been the fastest drying polish I've used in ages.  

Walmart doesn't sell Pure Ice polish from their site, you have to go to a store which isn't easy for me...  On the glass half full side, I can never have too many three dollar shirts so win-win!

Score: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  of five hearts

*Bought this myself. *


Stacie Sayz So 2/29/12, 9:37 AM  

Those are cute colors. I love Walmart, they always have great deals- always lol.

Babes Mami 2/29/12, 12:45 PM  

I have a few pure ice colors and they are buildable but they ALWAYS look darker (and better in my opinion) in the bottle. I would have to use tons to get that color haha BUT I looove how you have paired them!

Tracy Reinhardt 2/29/12, 12:48 PM  

Stacie, definitely!

Babes, Definitely need to be built up. I had two coats of the pink on and maybe two of the teal? I think, it was two of the teal, definitely not one but I almost used just one. It just got prettier the more I used!

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