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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Filofax Lists Frankensection

 I Googleimagesearched Filofax insert  ref. # 723027  and not much came up;  nothing I had with that number anyway (the page you write down important dates).  I wanted to know what that insert was officially called so I could google that and see how people use it. Since  #723027 lives in the Bermuda Insert Triangle, I'm winging it.

I filled out my dates to remember sheet a while back but the page didn't have a home so I snuck it in between the random, standard issue Filofax obscure information sheets.  Problem is, the chance of me running across it while looking up, oh say American vs. Swedish shoe size equivalents are frankly,  nil.  So I moved it.

I really need this sheet front and center, I'm awful at remembering Birthdays, Anniversarys, and any date where I need a gift.  I have no memory for dates.  They always sneak up on me so I moved this critical insert...  

Into my newest Filofax section.


Filofax list section

The Lists section came about because there are several subjects I keep track of; most not needing a whole section and some needing no more then a page.  I thought a section holding all of it would work and so far, it's working out well.

filofax special day sheet

Here's my dates to remember...

special days, filofax insert

I even found  Washi Tape with the days of the week. 

A gift idea section follows the date page; the pages are tabbed, subjected, and easy to find.  I hacked them.  I have a few Moleskine Passion  Journals that I thought would be fabulous  but never touched'em.  I love the pages and the size works great in an A5 Filofax.  Just a few holes and... 

VoilĂ !

That's my Birthday and Christmas gift idea section above.

I couldn't find a sticker for non-Birthday/Christmas gifts, so I used a sticker that said ' Wonderful Day' and I added a Wish List of my own.

I need to whack off the frayed edges a bit.

I've been thinking of doing a gift idea section for a while, I never know what to get when the time comes.   What really got me going on it was a few months back I found the perfect gift for someone in a magazine, ripped out the page, wadded it up and stuffed it in my pocket.  

I've looked for it ever since...  

Finding it a week ago, in a sweater I don't remember wearing, got the lead out of making this section.   

I cut out a picture of the present - a tickler image -  wrote some info on the company, Twig Terrariums and now I'm all set to buy someone the best, most perfect birthday present ever!

I've got to say hacking up an unused Moleskine worked so well I'm off to search similarly sized other-branded books and papers for use in my Filofax.  


Nancy 2/22/12, 10:30 AM  

Cool, love the hacking. Keep posting those pix, pleas!

lee 2/22/12, 8:26 PM  

hi, i'm lee and while i am a purse addict, i need one big enough to hold my little red filofax i've had so long i forgot what it's called.

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