The Crazy Suburban Mom: My February 2012 iMance, Life Habits Podcast

Friday, February 17, 2012

My February 2012 iMance, Life Habits Podcast

I know I wax on about my Filofax and all things retro but I don't have an aversion to things techy either.  I've spoken about the  love I have for my iPhone before and I want to elaborate.  

I'm not all that into music; even when I listen to the radio it's mostly talk radio.  I like listening to people -- Learning, absorbing... Considering things that haven't occurred to me before.  I love to think.

 What I do most with my iPhone is listen to podcasts and download apps.  In some ways my iPhone is the best toy I've ever played with and I want to highlight some  things I have an ongoing iMance with...

My favorite podcast is called Life Habits and it's hosted by Karel Vredenburg.  He "provides information, insights and advice to help you learn new habits to  optimize your life and stay sane in this crazy world. "

It is wonderful, informative,  spot on and without a doubt my favorite podcast of this genre.   His website (here) says:

Karel has spent much of his life observing people interacting with others, their world, and themselves; read widely about improving the human condition, optimizing the interactions between people, and driving effective organizational change; and practiced what he's learned. He has Ph.D. level training in Psychology and Cognitive Science, has taught university, conducted research, and has worked for a major multinational corporation for over 20 years and is currently director of design. Karel has taught, led, managed, and mentored thousands of people over the years. He's also a father of four with kids ranging in age from 10 to 21. Reflections on the formal and informal mentoring he's done over the years has led to the realization that he has insights, thoughts, and experiences that would be beneficial to share in this podcast series. Enjoy.

I can't say enough how much I agree with " he has insights, thoughts, and experiences that would be beneficial to share in this podcast series. Enjoy."  He does, and I do.

I did a print screen from iTunes to show some of the topics he's done, it's extensive - He takes requests from listeners, too.

There's more!

And there's even more then I've shown here...

I'm always looking for this kind of podcast and try new ones when I find them but they are never as good as Life Habits.    I love the format and Karel's easy conversational style.    Even his pleasant voice adds something to the listening experience.  

Life Habits is a podcast anything called self-help should be; it's educational without being dry, it's applicable to daily life, and it positive.  

People should never be done learning; especially about themselves.  Thanks, Kerel!  I look forward to every new podcast you do and listen to old ones over and over.    


Steve Morton 2/17/12, 4:17 PM  

I've thought about putting together a Philofaxy pod cast.. but I'm not sure if anyone would listen to it!

Tracy Reinhardt 2/17/12, 4:26 PM  

Steve, I've searched for Filofax podcasts and there aren't any. Nothing even close... I think people would love to have one and you have so many readers - Throw the question out on philofaxy and I'll bet you get an enthusiastic response. I'll be your first subscriber!


Karel 2/18/12, 5:14 PM  

Hi Tracy, I'm honored that you considered my podcast as your February iMance. Great post. I'm delighted that you enjoy the Life Habits series. Let me know too if you have any topic requests. Thanks.

Tracy Reinhardt 2/18/12, 5:50 PM  

Karel! My goodness! A note from you is so unexpected, I'm delighted and honored. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and comment -- You just made my day ~


Lin 2/18/12, 8:11 PM  

Wowie! Look at that! :) How cool to hear from Karel himself.

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