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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Moleskine gives it's life for a Filofax

After  rereading yesterday's Filofax post about hacking a Moleskine to bits and using the pages in a Filofax A5 I realized the pictures were artsy but not very helpful if someone wanted to have at one of their unused Moleskines

 Cool picture


 but not very informative about the process.

So today I decided to do a second post, and even though it pains me, I'm leaving out the photo abracadabra. 

The large size Moleskines (including the Passions Notebooks) are 5" x 8 1/4" (210 mm x 130 mm for those of you that speak metric) which,  according to Philofaxy, is very close to A5 Filofax inserts; 210 mm x 148 mm.

As you can see from my unartisticated photograph they are near perfect.  Since Moleskines now have so many variations, themes and topics you can dig up all kinds of fun additions inside them. 

These pages were step-tabbed in the Moleskine and I left them that way when I put them in Mr. Malden.

 moleskine filo

The tabs are also plastic-coated for durability.

Getting the notebooks apart cleanly is a bit of a deal and they kvetch  all the while you're doing it.  I'm going to try the reporter style Moleskines; that way I only have to deal with the top.   Of course the Reporter version doesn't come in all sorts of wicked cool permutations but they do have a graph notebook I can't wait to rip to shreds...

To get the notebook apart, find the middle and cut the strings; there are about four loops holding the middle page in.

moleskine hacked to bits

That only gets out one page, the dead center page.  

moleskine hacked to bits

The rest of the pages are sewn together in groups (see above).  Carefully take out a group at a time, cutting  string sets and you go.  They have to be cut carefully and individually.  

Once you have a few of these paper groups out you can remove the rest of the whole side without ripping all the paper into confetti. 

moleskine hacked to bits

Carefully and slowly, pull down from top to bottom.  If it's not coming easily remove a few more paper groupings...

moleskine hacked to bits

This is what a the rest of the side looks like.  There's stuck on paper from the inside cover and binding...

moleskine hacked to bits

And here it is with the excess paper cleaned off.   You can see how the paper is tied together and the smaller paper bundles.

From there it's a matter of separating everything, cutting the pages in half and hole-punching.  

Now, I know Moleskines aren't cheap; the Reporter I want is about $18 and that will net me 120 pages but the graph paper I've been using from Filofax isn't available in the US anymore.  I can order it, $7.30 (plus insane shipping) for 25 sheets.   (PS - I can print a graph from Philofaxy, another great solution ) 

I'm not saying you should go out and buy new Moleskine notebooks and hack them apart but as you can see, it's possible to save some money depending on what kind of inserts you need and how hard they are to get.

I'm especially thinking of the Watercolor Reporter Notebook.  People are always saying they can't do art in a Filofax and this would make it very easy...

There are also a lot of similarly sized other-branded notebooks with excellent (fountain-pen friendly) paper around, and that's something I'm going to look into as well.

The bottom line is, this is something to try if you have unused notebooks laying around unloved and pining away.  You might end up with a whole new set of inserts and find it very cost effective to boot.


Josh 2/22/12, 5:44 PM  

Do you have a punch? What kind do you have? I could destroy many A5 size books to use in my (yet to buy) A5 filofax.... But need to find a punch, and that $70 job sold by Filofax is!

Love destroying Moleskines (Moleskini?) for use in looseleaf system.

Tracy Reinhardt 2/22/12, 6:42 PM  

Josh, at the moment I'm just using a regular old one hole punch thing. Nothing special and nothing that can punch more then maybe 3 pages at a time, if I'm lucky. I usually punch one.

Nancy 2/23/12, 5:37 PM  

I recently purchased a punch from; item number A57321. A5 business and compact punch, punches both. have only used it a couple of times so far for my a 5 but it works well

Allotment Experiment 2/24/12, 5:19 PM  

You don't have to hole punch pages one at a time if you punch them before you take the moleskine apart. Just use a drill with a sharp wood bit. I did the conversion the other way, using a donor filofax to make a better moleskine - you can see it here:

Tracy Reinhardt 2/25/12, 5:59 PM  

Allotment - I found that video yesterday morning and subscribed to you :)

Nancy - You know I have a regular size paper punch that I think I can move the holes around... I'm going to try that. Its heavy duty


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