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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Martha Stewart is taking over the world and turning it aqua...

 I'm good with that.

In the last month I've run into Martha twice; in Macy's and Staples.  Both times I left with armfuls of aqualicious stuff.  I didn't know either place contained  Marthaland (the real Magic Kingdom, by the way) within it's walls and  when I saw fields of scrumptiousness laid out before me, well, the look on my face was similar to my son's his first time entering Disney.

Marthaland at Macy's was just this side of threadbare and their website doesn't have everything either.  Why,  is complete mystery to me (marketing? Hello.) and I'm absolutely sure Martha wouldn't see it as a ...Good Thing.

Martha Stewart Kitchen

The displays were great even though the shelves weren't full.

Martha Stewart Kitchen

These cutting mats were adorable!

Martha Stewart Kitchen

I got these kitchen towels, loves.   When I look for towels now all I see is plain or striped - sad.

Martha Stewart Kitchen

Adorable aqualicious options.

 In contrast, Staples had tons of well stocked shelves.

Martha Stewart Office Supplies at Staples

After standing in awe for a while I spun around and squeeled like a six year old girl with a new Pink Glitter Purse.

Martha Stewart Office Supplies at Staples

There is even a planner.

Martha Stewart Office Supplies at Staples

This is Martha's Notebook Land.  

Martha Stewart Office Supplies at Staples

And there are all sorts of cute little things that straddle different worlds.  These little tags have one foot in Office Supply Land and one in Craft Land.

Martha Stewart Office Supplies at Staples

These are for labeling.  Makes a gal  just well up...

Martha Stewart Office Supplies

There is (just) one insert that fit into my Filofax A5 because it has extended 'holes' --  I'm going to send my wish out to the universe that all Martha inserts have extended holes some day.  It's a Magic Kingdom where all things are possible.

BeFunky Warming on iPhone

I didn't go to Staples to visit Marthaland, didn't even know it was there.   I went to get Post-it notes which sat right across the aisle from Martha's Office Supply Nirvana.

Looking at Post-it World, I don't know --  the Post-its have all the appeal of preschool art supplies.

 What they don't have is finesse... No je ne sais quoi compared to Marthaland.  

Score! Martha!


Babes Mami 2/4/12, 6:12 PM  

step away from the planners! haha

Susanne Namdar 2/5/12, 12:49 AM  

Love those blues. I went to Target today and bought pens again.

Lin 2/5/12, 7:05 PM  

Oh, WOW! I had no idea they had a MS line at Staples. Ask me where I'm going this week??? :) I love her stuff. I do. You can criticize that woman, but, damn, I love her lines that she brings to stores. I used to really like the Christmas wrapping paper at K-mart--I only went to that store for that, JUST for that alone.

I've got the car running...gotta go to Staples. :)

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