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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Filofax Debulkafication

This week Philofaxy brought up journaling in a Filofax; something I'd love to do but where would I get the real estate?   I mean, I'm back in Mr. Malden, purely due to ring size, and even if I consolidate somewhere there's certainly no room for rambling prose.

Other discussions that got my attention were about the various Weekly inserts.  I've used the Week on Two Pages but because of the way I write  to-do lists I don't need  much space on the Weeklies.

BeFunky Viewfinder 5 on iPhone

I write out a list daily but it's not just to-do,  it might also include groceries I need to pick up, people's phone numbers, books I want to check out,  or something that needs to be recorded in another area.   

 I write anything and everything I want to remember that day on my daily lists.  Because of this, the weekly sheets are something I just scan for appointments.   At first I thought the  Week on one Page would work but I'm not sure I need that much either.

I was stuck in a  What to do? What to do? loop when I recalled some 2012 Day Runner inserts (and a ruler) purchased for my Personal Portand.  Besides having to clip off the bottom corner they are working.  

BeFunky Retro on iPhone

You can see how much smaller they are.   I don't know if they will give me room overall, but I'll know soon enough.

BeFunky Vibrance on iPhone

Seems I lost the inserts after March but if they work well and cut down the bulk, I could buy something in the same format.

I'd not considered using personal sized inserts in my A5 but it would expand my choice of inserts.  There are more compatible inserts for the personal sized Filofax across different brands while you almost always have to re-punch anything similar to a Filofax A5 Binder.  

It can be done, I've done it but you end up with something very confusamafied looking.   

I'm giving the personal inserts till March and if this works I might even be able to squeak in a journaling section somewhere.

Filo and Phaxy

Mr. Malden spends a lot of time surfing lately.  He pretends he's checking out Philofaxy but I know what he's doing.  He's looking up that Alice Temperly binder.  He wants her bad... Probably all that black lace.

Dream on, Mr. Malden I want her too but at $625 US she's out of both our leagues.


Misguided Mommy 2/25/12, 12:49 PM  

Ugggg you need to stop.

I am an iPhone addict and I list all my stuff in there but every damn time I click into your page I want to rush to office depot and buy one of these with tabs and labels and stickers and pages and OMFG PLEASE THE MADDNESS. I would never use it but fucking fuck I want one BADDDDDLY

Misguided Mommy 2/25/12, 12:50 PM  

You know, until I was 19 and got my first palm pilot I always used a Day Planner. I still have all my inserts with all my appointments, dates, first dates, naughty dates, when I started my period all of it. But they didnt't have all the fun inserts then. Oh how I miss simpler times of highlighters and purple pens and markers and stickers instead of my phone......shit shit shit. I'm about to go buy one of these

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