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Friday, February 10, 2012

Filofax as art, and magic.

 I have a crush on my Filofax.  At first I thought, I'm just romanticizing; all that leather  -- leatherish, if you're talking Malden - is so -- Intoxicating. 

A lot of thought/time/planning/effort goes into making my planners organizational nirvana; hacking it's standard-issue parts to suit me and prowling stationary aisles for friends to bring home so it won't be lonely.   There's more to it, being organized is useful but not roller-coaster exciting.  And it doesn't explain why I have a couple o' few too many filofaxes and still. want. more.  

 I wish there were more varied/interesting/functional insert options but maybe it's the lack of them that makes Filofax works so well; it's a blank canvas.  

Something occured to me the other day as I sat, surrounded by art supplies, tarting up my dividers.  My Filofax binders are the ultimate adult art project and I can turn them into anything that makes me giggle.

Tarting up supplies are everywhere.  I've never been lucky enough to find an actual Filofax in Marshall's ... Oh wait, I lied. I did.  It was personal sized black Domino that looked like it'd been banging around the back of a Jeep for a decade.  So I guess I meant to say, I've never found one worth buying there...   

But the other day I found something I did want.  

I'd never considered using rub-on transfers but for $1.49 I couldn't resist.  Big SCORE! They were VERY easy to use, a breeze really.  You just put the design face down on the page and rub with their 'trademarked tool' (i.e. a stick) and voilĂ , a perfect design. 

 The color is vivid even on black dividers.  These transfers are made by American Crafts but there are a lot around, I will definitely look  for more things to rub.

This is the entire design set.

I also got a white set, and man. I love this one.

They look great and are opaque, even on black.

One of my favorite divider designs is a 5"x 7"  photograph tacked on with Washi Tape. This image of Ventura was in front of my pet section but I liked it so much I made it the very first page of my whole Filoshebang.

I look at a lot of pictures of planners, I love doing that.  I've seen a lot of great custom-cut dividers and have tried that; mine look like badly done school projects.

Cutting things evenly isn't my strong suit so use I  pre-cut found things.

This one (above)  is a large-format post card that came with an order from Sublime Stitching; it decorates my crafting section.  

 Any sized postcard is great for decorating dividers in an A5 and the normal sized cards are perfect as dividers in personal sized organizers.

They have great decorative and functional uses; punch holes in them, add a top tab and you can subdivide sections,  put one at the beginning of each section as a launch pads for sticky notes, or just use them cause you love the card art or message.

Baum-Kuchen sent me great post cards when I ordered Midori Traveler's Notebook Inserts.  I immediately put one in.

Filofax Finchely A5 inserts

And flip to back to it when I need to remember the message.

I love the clear zip envelopes which I'm sure have a serious officey purpose, for me they are themed dioramas.  This one's about my dog.

The I  Greyhounds thing is something called a car tattoo but  it makes a great Filotatt. 

He's had a bunch of surgeries in the last few months, I kept a few of the steel rods they took out of his leg.  I don't know what to say about that, maybe...  You never know when you'll need a steel rod?

It's also a good place to store Paper clips, the pink cherry blossoms came from JetPens and they make sticking pieces of paper together a peak experience.    

I have a thing for Washi Tape, if you hadn't noticed.  I can only get it online but it's easy to find - I've gotten it here, here, here..  here... Easy.

BeFunky Warming on iPhone

It comes in every color and design you could imagine and is perfect for sticking anything to anything.  Where has this stuff been all my life? (Okay,yes. Japan)

 While it's certainly unnessary to do any of this - dividers are useful, plain -  there is something to be said for adding a little magic to every day.  

The magic of  unnecessary, silly fun is highly underrated.

Edward De Bono considered creativity essential to thought in his book, The Mechanism of Mind.   He is quoted as saying creativity is "a great motivator because it makes people interested in what they are doing." Agreed.  

For me, his quote, "Creativity makes life more fun and more interesting."  is probably closer to what the divider art's about.  Like I said..

The magic of unnecessary, silly fun is highly underrated. 


SNARLing: 2/10/12, 9:17 AM  

i also love reading about and looking at other people's filos and their habits and rituals but i especially LOVE reading about and looking at yours. it's true about the 'fun'. i have been itching to have more fun with mine especially since i moved back into a personal. since i had been in a compact i had strict rules: ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY STUFF ONLY and since i get distracted so easily, NO STICKERS OR ANYTHING OF ANY KIND ON PLANNER PAGES OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES. i've tried having a separate sketchbook and journal as well (traveler's notebook and large daily moleskine - still sticking to moleskine although that might change) but i'm totally jonesing for the all-in-one convenience. and although i have tons of my own paper, i've ordered ff 2ppd specifically for a daily "playtime" area as the need to graffiti and deface is totally overwhelming me. hopefully those are coming today so that i can get relief and satisfaction of being my own 'rebel'

Tracy Reinhardt 2/10/12, 11:28 AM  

Snarling, Thank you so much for the comment! It's nice to know I'm not alone in this notebook obsession -- I do like other notebooks. I really like the travelers notebooks. I have to find a way to build that into my day - I think its going to be zentangles even though I doodle the my todo lists up pretty well. I think when I get around to really doing separate zentangles it will be in the Midori. I don't think I could manage to keep the lists and stay organized with out the stickers and fun stuff - its what makes me want to use the filofax. I did have a compact size I was going to use as a wallet but I gifted it to someone - it was just too small for me. Even the personal never worked out, I guess I just need a bigger canvas :)


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