The Crazy Suburban Mom: Ah, Novocaine. You were my Valentine...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ah, Novocaine. You were my Valentine...

My last wisdom tooth is gone; removed yesterday morning.   Being a glass half full sort of person I figured the world would be a sunny, painless place by now.   Hope springs eternal.   

 It's had a cavity for, oh. Years.  "I'll get it done when it hurts", is what I told my dentist.  It seemed reasonable; who wants to face a pair of pliers clamped to a body part or the inevitable bone-cracking heave-ho that follows...

 I'd waited for the other three to start hurting so why change now.  I didn't take into account the pain might begin on a Saturday morning, days from when I could have that awful thing removed.  

I counted down the hours while the pain got worse, by Saturday afternoon I couldn't open my mouth;  a tooth brush felt like I was trying shove a bus in there.  Forget food.

Finally! after eighty hours and fifteen minutes of sleepless, food-less, whine-less  - I didn't feel good enough - vomit inducing agony... It was gone.  

Ah, Novocaine.  You were my Valentine...

The oral surgeon told me I was smart to come in when I did, and lucky, "Another two days and you'd have a REAL problem.  

The infection spread past the tooth... Oh! The places an infection can travel!  Like  pterygomandibular spaces and temporomandibular joints  and stuff I understand like,  muscle... And other gooey insides close to a wisdom tooth....

 Brains, for example.



Evil Twin's Wife 2/15/12, 10:29 AM  

I had all four of mine cut out of the bone when I was 17. I think I lived on painkillers and Wendy's Frosty's for several days.

Now, it's out and you don't have to worry about it anymore! :-)

Christina - Rant Rave Roll 2/15/12, 3:59 PM  

I had to have my cut out too. Glad you are rid of that painful beast.

Tara Beaulieu 2/15/12, 9:27 PM  

OMG I feel your pain, sister! I had two impacted and had them removed at the same time. Owwww to all of it. And boooo to the dentist who isn't a fan of whimpy pain med whiners like me. "Take some ibuprofen, it will get better" Meh. I want to sleep through the pain, fella. At least it's the last one and you'll not have to experience it again!

Lin 2/15/12, 10:58 PM  

Oh man! That sounds HORRIBLE! I'm hoping you are doing much better today!

Babes Mami 2/17/12, 1:44 PM  

After letting my tooth pain go too far several times I now get it taken care of as soon as I can. I hate the dentist, dread it but my new dentist has been working me through my fears. Ugh...that infection pain makes you want to just have someone put you out of your misery.

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